DAMN! I didn’t even know she was in town! I work just a couple blocks from there, and I would have LOVED to witness this!! :) :)

“Looks Like Nobody Wants to Buy Apple’s HomePod” Read more

The person you’re describing almost certainly has no car, and absolutely owns no firearms. So while it’s clear that you have a neurotic prejudicial disdain for hipsters, you’re also sorely lacking in some basic logic. Troll better next time... Read more

Oh! I didn’t know... :) “Hachi” is also Japanese for the number 8. Read more

According to your username, you’re number 8. ;) Read more

You were honestly disappointed by Logan?? Why should anyone give a fuck about your opinion after typing that? Read more

Dude, it would be “First Gentleman”, obviously. It seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? Read more

The husband of a state’s Lt. Governor is the “First Gentleman”. Obviously. (We had one here in MN more than once.) Read more

“Don’t expect MoS 2 anytime soon” ???? Read more

No quantity of bracketed winks will forgive that comment.

You obviously don’t understand the first thing about how Face ID works. It’s completely different than your Surface. (One of the main differences is that Face ID actually works every time...) Read more

Really?? After the atrocity that was “Tomorrowland”?? Read more

It’s DEMODOGS. Dustin derived the word from demogorgon. I’m not sure why you put an “i” in there... Read more

Phasma already has a rich backstory, involving Hux, and she’s definitely not in her mid-sixties... Read more

ALL movies are art. Some movies are bad art. The same goes for other media, such as music. (ie, Justin Bieber’s music may be horrible, but it’s still art.) Don’t confuse the term “art” with “good art”. Read more