I am calm, but thanks
11:42 AM

Got a blanket for my lap because its chilly. 11 lb shih tzu immediately bullies me into giving t to her

12:00 PM

Sadly, we still live together. Divorce is expensive. I wanted to give her time to see if she got disability (she didn’t) and now she has started working and we are finishing our lease.

8:34 AM

I took a big step and invited someone I am dating to an event with friends. First time to introduce anyone to my friends since my marriage ended. Also had him to my house overnight. That’s big progress towards my ex and I living together harmoniously as friends until we figure out a way forward for separate living. 

12:02 PM

I also have a strong preference for reddit. Parts of do, rightly so, have a bad rap. It’s a tool. It is what you make of it. I have been part of good reddit communities with awesome moderation. It's a better tool than kinja to be honest.

12:59 PM

Yes. She was clearly out of her depth and that started a cycle of stress for her. I took some time off for reflection. I am trying to go back to work with a clear head that isn’t fogged with irrational guilt or feelings more related to the past. Hopefully, I’ve been proactive enough to head that off.

12:44 PM

I agree. Rationally, I get it. If anything, she should have been happy to have a fresh start in a new job. Clearly, this was coming. My initial response was guilt. 

12:41 PM

I tried very hard to have empathy - even when she was horrible. I doubt it helped, but I have no regrets about approaching it with compassion rather than anger. That’s often the best we can do at work. Hopefully your coworker has outside friends and family that are helping.

8:46 AM

I have very little planned. I am in a great mood. My horrible coworker who has made my life miserable since I started this role 18 months ago is leaving!!! I am so happy. She is the worst person I’ve ever worked with. I have a date with my favorite sweetie tonight. Other than that, I think I will actually just rest Read more

8:06 PM

Had a bit of a boozy afternoon. Now doing laundry and getting ready for a trip. Having a long weekend away with someone I've been dating for 5 months (yikes! hard to believe) and I super nervous. Not sure why. Need the long weekend though.

5:44 PM

It really almost always comes down to your freq. flyer status. If you want an upgrade, but one. Otherwise, it is pretty unlikely with some elite status or miles to cash in.

8:59 AM

Been feeling weird all week. The move from married to separated and dating combined with me really doing poorly at work, it’s making me a feel a little strange about my identity. The good news is that dating is fun and I’ve had several good interviews. I expect to find a new role soon, but this week I Read more