Sep 7

+1000 times that this fact has been pointed out here in the Deadspin comments and still they forget.

Sep 7

Pats winning percentage against rest-of-league is BETTER than within their division, FYI

Sep 7

But they’re not. Racial epithets only carry weight because of the systematic racism behind them. They’re used to remind people to “know their place”. White people have privilege, so the use of “cracker” has very little force behind it.

Jun 8 2019

Nobody put an asterisk next to Golden State in 2015 when the Cavs only had Kyrie for one game and Love didn’t play, because the rules are different for Lebron. So those people saying this about Toronto in this series can go pound sand.

Apr 16 2019

You have two options:  Change your underwear every day or never, ever, ever mention this again to anybody.  Ever.

Apr 16 2019

Not as much as you have inside your three day old underwear.  

Feb 6 2019

Probably $10,000 fine, couple year license suspension with a awareness course, dangerous/reckless driving charge, maybe street racing (doesn’t need to be a second car, just 50kmh over limit). That Audi wont be cheap to get back to its actual owner. Read more

Jan 27 2019

Hot take: Police generally don’t shoot white people just for having guns, or even holding a gun in the presence of the police. Read more

Jan 7 2019

As a Dolphins fan, I was confused as to why they weren’t on this list. Then I remembered they aren’t in the same league as Washington, Denver, or Jacksonville :(

Dec 12 2018

Most interestingly, the engines are cooled via two side-mounted radiators with electric fans fastened to them: Read more

Nov 16 2018

You don’t get it do you? Suspect wasn’t speeding through the school zone until the police chased them, and then everyone was speeding. See how that works? The original reason they were involved was because of a forged check, not because the car was speeding, or breaking traffic laws, or endangering anyone. I don’t Read more

Oct 17 2018

I probably will. I don’t expect much results, though; my Senators are one giant idiot in Inhofe and one well-meaning party line fancy dog in Lankford. And we both know that these overblown, 11 zero price tag (good God) defense industry projects are driven by pork barrel politics and bringing home the bacon to all 50 Read more