Sep 9

Thank you for pointing out the reality behind the oft repeated chestnut of the Pats' dominance starting at home.

Jan 23 2019

Kevin Ward Jr was killed in 2014.  The lawsuit was settled in 2018.

Dec 27 2018

A faked QR code? I am disappointed.
(I can’t get it to read at any rate...)

Dec 19 2018

A dude, eh?  Maybe that’s my issue then.  Enjoy dudehood, bro.

Dec 18 2018

It’s adornment that serves a useful purpose. Folks have worn jewelery since prehistory - It’s a pretty primal thing. Watches look nice and they tell time without having to pull out a phone. Read more

Nov 29 2018

That’s a feature phone, not a smart phone. How is that relevant? Do you think that’s what the OP meant he wanted?
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Nov 21 2018

Articles like this should bring people together; my southern white Thanksgivings are much like this. Also, having grown up with a Mama who has for years hosted 2 meat lunches and suppers for 20+ people for the birthdays of extended family, I appreciate the multiple Thanksgiving deal too.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Sep 21 2018

My high-school freshman daughter just binged The Office and spent 3 hours crying at the end. It’s a thing right this minute I guess.

Sep 7 2018

I’m certain she was sober. She is in a profession that is culturally steeped in fear that everyone is out to get you, especially black dudes, and who are taught that the proper reaction to encountering anything remotely resembling a potential threat is to shoot to kill and go home safe. She was on autopilot, found a Read more

May 27 2018

I got this 3 years ago for about $160 and I am still in love with it. Titanium case, sapphire crystal, and WR. I wore out the leather band and now have a cheapo silicone on it. Citizen BM 7080. There were several variants of face color, some with titanium bracelets. The hands and the 2 numbers are lumed.

May 16 2018

My very first exposure to Jalopnik was a post on Starquestclub about a guy with a white Starion on some car site doing maintenance tutorials. Read more

May 4 2018

It’s like watching that kid at your child’s talent show who can’t sing and picks a song that is too long and as it goes on the embarrassment for them grows and grows until you just have to look at your phone until it’s over and it’s time for the pity clapping.

May 1 2018

What are the odds this guy wasn’t running a GoPro 24/7 to document Kart Lyf?

Apr 20 2018

There’s a lot of hand wringing here and not much math. With a decent interest rate there’s not that much difference in price:

30k loan at 4%
84 months@410/mo = $34445 total paid
48 months@677/mo = $32514 total paid
$267 less/mo costs $1931

40k loan at 4%
84 months@547/mo = $45927 total paid
48 months@903/mo = $43352 total Read more