Gen X here, so my input is prolly irrelevant, but I’ma offer it anyway.

Normally, I’d be all about online grocery delivery / pickup, but it’s closer to gambling than I’d like. Of the three times I’ve tried it, two of those times I had too many of the things I selected be “out of stock” and replaced with something else. Read more

Okay, all the AI hype and scare tactics aside, *this* is actually how SkyNet comes about.
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This sounds interesting! I’m curious though; how well - and how long - does it store? If I whip up a batch, how long do I have to finish it off?
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GRIS was a masterpiece in so, so many ways. I’m ALL IN on having my heart broken (again) by Nomada.
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I appreciate that they’re trying to go about this whole endeavor sustainably. That’s admirable, for sure.

But I also feel like it’s going to be difficult to drum up & maintain interest in the races throughout the season when there’s such a long duration between each race. It’s going to be real easy to simply forget Read more

Nothing new under the sun, amirite? This is just the same ol’ cycle games go through when it comes to chasing blockbuster market success. It’s been happening for decades. The only difference is that budgets and revenues have gotten bigger.

Exhibit A
<MMOs exist>
<Everquest proves they can be viable>
<WoW crushes the Read more

While it’s not typical, some folks work graveyards.

My entire day is shifted 12 hours from “the norm.” I wake up at 9pm, get cleaned up, have my coffee, and I’m working by 10pm. For my nights off, I appreciate these places that are open late, so that I can actually give them money for goods.

Pre-pandemic, this was a lot Read more

Just to raise awareness, depending on the nature of the content you’re saving to a clipboard, find out if your chosen clipboard manager sends anything to the cloud or an external server as part of its normal operation.

If you’re using a clipboard manager that sends stuff to the cloud while copying and pasting passwords Read more

I wonder how much of the impetus for OGL 2.0 is driven by the fact that they keep publishing external artists’ artwork in their books? Aren’t there some lawsuits in play for that? Maybe rolling out 2.0 was an end-around tactic to mitigate those lawsuits? Just thinking out loud here, and admittedly, I’m not super Read more

Shadow Weather on Android, hands down. Not sure if there’s an iOS version available or not. Low-weight, responsive app, with a clean interface from a single developer that keeps it updated and doesn’t sell your info. Free version works just fine, but doesn’t include animated radar maps, or realtime lightning strike Read more

I think I could present an argument that creatively, sequels are a natural course, for several reasons. But the particular reason I’d like to put forward is the concept of flexing your creative muscle by working within constraints.

The challenge SG is facing is pretty plainly laid out by the FAQ blurb. Given a set of Read more

Is that a nod to “Among Us” with the colored spacesuits? Or is there some other significance to those that I’ve overlooked?
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something something clickbait?

... I dunno.
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You can’t behave any way you want and expect everyone to accept you and be nice. That’s absolute insanity. Read more

Politicians realize they’re fighting a battle they’re (eventually) not going to be able to win with regards to marijuana. It’s going to happen eventually, just a matter of when.

So they’re going to “tactically withdraw” from the cannabis fight by decriminalizing it, just in time to free up all that space in private Read more

The TurboExpress was brilliant though. It played the same “chip card” games that the full-blown console did, so you could pull the game out of your console, and slide it right into the handheld. It was 16-bit, and had a backlit color screen a full 8 years before the GameBoy Color launched. It even had an over-the-air Read more

Came here to say exactly this. I want to spend an awful lot of time just “being” in all of these images.
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Back in May 2019 I did a full rebuild on my entire PC setup. I went all-in on three 32" Pixio PX329, 165Hz, 2460x1440 FreeSync panels, with 2x DisplayPort and 2x HDMI 2.0 ports, and I couldn’t be happier. The ones I have are the flat panels, which don’t appear to be available anymore. At least, not on Amazon where I Read more

Back in May 2019 I did a full rebuild on my entire PC setup. I went all-in on three 32" Pixio PX329, 165Hz,

Wasn’t it great? I can’t exactly say what it was about the game that manages to elicit that feeling, nor how the Devs managed to put that lightning into the bottle, but I sure wish more games delivered the same joyful satisfaction as I got from my first playthrough of Terra Nil as well.
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