Very Stable Real Man of Genius
8/10/20 1:55PM

Also if it’s the Naval Academy wouldn’t grades and SAT test scores also play a role? It’s not like they’re just teaching boat stuff to their seamen- they also do all the non-innuendo sounding stuff a regular university would and since he was only able to get a d in bible thumping it could've just been he was a moron

12/07/19 9:42AM

Hey, in just a couple of years it will be Dickity Dickity-two.

12/06/19 7:16PM

Nope. He’s just an idiot. Someone that was born on third base in life, but thinks they hit a triple.

12/06/19 6:44PM

I will star any and all KOTH references.  This was a particularly good episode.

12/06/19 6:29PM

Hashaway Fixtures, and filibustering by reading Peggy’s old musings columns. 

12/06/19 6:07PM

Is he senile, on some amazing drugs, or an alien who never got the hang of disguising himself as human? Or all of the above?

12/06/19 6:04PM

Reminds me of the king of the hill episode about low flow toilets.

12/02/19 3:19PM

I’m glad someone else noticed what i’ve been noticing in every new Peloton, Mirror and Nordic Track interactive treadmill commercial. Here’s the three things I can’t unsee in every one of these commercials: 1. This equipment is for people who own houses that have floor to ceiling windows 2. The equipment must be in a Read more

12/02/19 1:45PM

It does seem like there should be a couple of Lexus with bows on top sitting in the driveway, doesn’t it?

10/29/19 11:57PM

I know it’s coming, but every time I watch and he reaches for “. . . buncha bombs in the air” I still laugh.

10/29/19 11:58AM

I for one am glad he tried to relate to the average baseball fan by wearing a baseball hat to the game.

10/29/19 11:58AM

You guys are awesome. It is not hyperbole to say that this site often gets me through the day. Keep up the good work, and for the love of god do not stick to sports.

10/28/19 5:39PM

Oh c’mon you know this time next week he’ll be claiming victory for Baseball being off the air because “coastal elites” booed him and now nobody will even broadcast them!