Very Stable Real Man of Genius
12/06/19 9:14PM

Abe Simpson didn’t ramble on this incoherently. I’m waiting for Trump to tell us how he used to wear an onion on his belt, as was the style at the time.

10/29/19 1:50PM

my wife’s sister’s douchebag husband (I refuse to acknowledge an in-law family connection with them) wore a suit and tie that matched what my groomsmen were wearing to pretend he was in the wedding, then proceeded to talk down to everyone about how he went to Harvard. If I wear a suit and tie I make sure to never do Read more

10/27/19 1:50AM

I have actually been treated by one of the Knicks team doctors. Picked up a stress fracture that had been missed by others. The Knicks problems are not their docs.

10/25/19 1:16PM

I cannot now support the Astros and I will not support the Washington Nationals because I loathe the fandom of everyone who will be sitting in the high-priced seats in their stadium Read more

10/25/19 12:34PM

Good news for taxpayers of the area though. If the team keeps it up and continues to hemorrhage fans they won’t need to build a new stadium, they can just move into the new DC United stadium. Though at a capacity of 20K it might be too big for them.