As best as I can tell, he wanted to tweet “let that sink in” on his first day at Twitter. So he did a photo op of him carrying a sink. You know, because it’s a pun. They let him bring a sink into the building, and he got to tweet that they “let that sink in.” He’s bringing humor back to Twitter. Read more

So explain to me this whole thing where he turned up carrying a bathroom sink. Is it simply his idea of a joke, saying “the company’s going down the drain”, or was there a tweet or some other quote I didn’t see?  Read more

Get your shit together, Collin. Read more

To be fair, you an be having a stroke. Does arm of you go bad and brain not right? Read more

The airport was perfectly situated to allow plane loads of soldiers easy access to its capable of delivering troops to the region and so was vital for the Russians to take over the airport. Russia did eventually captured the airport... Read more

Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it. Read more

This. Fortunately the fuel surcharge helps. But spot rates have been on a massive decline and is what’s hurting the truckers the most. The rates went from near record highs to below average very quickly. Read more

And a couple of decades later, misplacing ‘ludes was used as a trial defense strategy. Ugh, I need a shower now...

I loved my 4th gen prelude. Handled incredibly. Read more

There was a day in December 1990 when I went to one of the largest malls in the country - it may well be the largest, now - and had an awful time parking. After running the gauntlet of Christmas shoppers, I came back out, put my key in my door - and found out that I had selected the wrong Prelude. So, I was looking Read more

Please Sir, may we have one with no other tech than battery and motor? 150HP, with a super-capacitor “VTEC” boost!

The people on this site are going to hate it literally no matter what it is, and then when it goes out of production, the same people will be griping about how much they loved it and how sad they are that it’s gone. Read more

Mark my words, it’s going to weigh five thousand pounds, be over $70,000 and everyone here is going to hate it. Read more

Neither are anywhere near the average weights of adults in the US. I’d have to imagine this calculation accounts for children being on the plane as well. That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. Even so, it doesn’t seem like there would be enough children on the average flight to offset that much.  Read more

Airlines must increase the average weight of female passengers (which includes their carry-on items) from 145 pounds to 179 pounds in summer months, and from 150 pounds to 184 pounds in winter months Read more

I work in brake controls tuning ABS and traction control. The rivian would blow some of the tires off since there’s no coupling between them, it would be pretty hard to steer. For the same torque demand even if the rears are working the fronts would be to the moon. For the lightning it would likely go to brake-only Read more

So you’ve never looked under the hood of a modern diesel I see.  Read more

Well, I guess I better go sit in the corner in shame, then... Read more

A stinking slideshow for even this? Whoever at Gizmo is forcing writers to use slideshows, please be like Erasure and show a little respect. Read more