I spent all of 2019 and 2020 restoring one. Currently planning on a K-Swap for it. H parts are getting scarce and pricey.  Read more

My wife manages a small trucking company... They’re getting killed on fuel and parts. They had to idle two trucks because of parts on backorder. Another shop did a clutch job and DIDN’T REFILL THE TRANS FLUID! The truck made it about 900 miles before the trans died a horrific death. Everything associated with trucking Read more

We can carry 285K lbs of cargo and 73 passengers. We’re also more expensive to operate at around $45k an hour. I loved seeing the Myira fly into Alaska when I was also there. Having the two parked next to each other was absolutely awesome. Don’t have the photos on my phone anymore but it was a spectacle. Read more

I don’t disagree and Toyota is the type of company to derate an engine in the quest of MPG’s... Read more

When automakers combine the power from ICE and electric it isn’t always 1+1+1=3... The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid (amazing car, predecessor to this) was similar and if you add up the individual motors it comes out to less than they advertise overall... Not sure why, engineer things? Read more

Been considering scooping up a manual lately to have as a commuter but can’t find one near me that’s not clapped out. Ugh Read more

No the S was manual 6spd only. I had a base model 5spd and loved that car until I grenaded the motor with 25psi and not enough fuel.  Read more

That RSX is an 02-04 (the headlights are a dead giveaway)... Other than it will last forever and if you fall in love with it (you will) that motor will take boost like a boss. I ran mine for 45k miles with a small turbo and it didn’t care until I got greedy with the duty cycle! Read more

Having been looking for an OBS Ford without the cab corners and rear fenders rotted out recently... This is a nice price all day long. Sure it’s not the 5.0 but it will run forever and then some.  Read more

I have been sick far more times than she has in the 13 years we’ve been together... She’s never gotten a shot. Every time we ended up with Covid (3 times) I was in worse shape and I got the damn shots. Don’t sit there and call us ignorant because she doesn’t want some rush job vaccine that didn’t do a damn thing for Read more

She doesn’t want a vaccine that was rushed into production and distribution for a virus she had, and survived easily. You saying she needs more common sense is ridiculous. She weighed the pro’s and con’s and chose to not get it. It’s a personal decision that everyone needs to remember is non of your goddamn business, Read more

Prediction: Almost nothing will change.” Read more

It shouldn’t be forced, it should be an option if you want to wear it. My wife is refusing the vaccine but she also hasn’t had a shot since she was a child. Doesn’t like doctors, just wants to be left alone, which I respect. My work required the shots, I got them, I was more sick the last time we had it... It’s a Read more

Well, easy solution is to avoid Wisconsin. Read more

I mean I specifically buy vehicles with as little chrome as possible so I don’t have to keep it shiny... Read more

Like that cruise line article yesterday. I’m still mad that I wasted time reading that and replying to it. Ugh Read more

So aggravating. Report the news, put a tiny bit of personality into it. Zero need to make it negative in anyway shape or form. Read more

I love how you can take a positive and put a negative spin on it... Do they teach this in college now? Is it “Demoralizing Your Readers 101 or 102?” Read more

Hard argument to make now that you can downloads maps to use offline.  Read more

The real loss here is the Prelude... :( Read more