Holden Mahgroin
Dec 12 2018

Vera Farmiga has the market corner of creepy almost beautiful- and she makes it work.

Nov 2 2018

And what’s with the low forehead and straight hairline? It’s like she’s one of the Reptilians that didn’t get a skin suit that fit properly. “Look we’re in a hurry, just take this wig from the bus and truck of Hair”.

Oct 1 2018

I agree- great slow burn, good twists, fantastic camera work that makes you confused if you are in the house or a model - 

Jun 25 2018

I love this genre... like to the point that I read a lot of crap, but THIS series of novels was just annoying as hell. Made it through#2 and just gave up. Just bodice-rippers wrapped in some supernatural stuff. More than a bit misogynistic. Hopefully the movie is better.

Apr 1 2018

I SO wish you could put that into a graphic for publication - and thanks for following through on that btw -

Nov 17 2017

This seems almost word for word from the book “The Silence”- is that the source material?

Sep 27 2017

One of the best SNL skits of all time was Melanie Hutsell playing Tori Spelling playing Drew Barrymore as Amy Fisher...I can’t find the clip and it was genius.

Jul 26 2017

When someone is a run - on rambler and I don’t necessarily need to foster the relationship, I generally ask “What am I supposed to do with this information?”

Jul 21 2017

I can’t eat anything with blue food coloring because it tastes like metal.... I was surprised to find out that not everybody can taste that. -