Hayden Lorell
Dec 8

GTI - Don’t get it, never have. Seems like a car that is mediocre at most things and good at nothing. Add in VW’s legendary “reliability” and I can’t understand the appeal.

Nov 28

Like my lawyer always says, “Make sure you record your felonies on video.”

Nov 28

I’m sorry they associated that video with my name. My intent is always and only to sensitize my followers to similar acts of villainy. My mistake was probably not to specify that it was a complaint. Read more

Oct 21

And thousands of weird nerds looked up to the sky and saw the Tesla signal. Elon needs you to run damage control!

Oct 21

Nothing says “confidence in the longevity of our product” like cutting the warranty to roughly 1/5 what it was

Oct 16

After seeing the pictures, David Tracy is now on his way to Indiana with a pocket full of cash.

Oct 12

I would go to the local hospital and use the phone there to call him and tell him his wife died. Then wait for the 5 trucks of manure I previously coordinated with to dump on his front lawn blocking his door while he’s gone.

Sep 30

Seems like a “grasping at straws” effort to liven up a sport that has been boring since about 2006.

Sep 24

All great questions. This article should be a thought exercise along the lines of “what would happen if the ban went into effect tomorrow?”

Instead, we have from-the-hip word vomit with absolutely zero critical thought put into it. Like most things Raph and Erik spit out, this take seems to be nothing more than being Read more

May 9 2019

Though it doesn’t seem to be widely in the news, the picture of where he ultimately got pulled over just makes the whole story.