Hayden Lorell
Nov 28

He is an F3 driver after all... He can’t quite afford the real thing yet. 

Sep 30

Seems like a “grasping at straws” effort to liven up a sport that has been boring since about 2006.

May 5

I was 16 years old when a nice older gent who was a trustee at the museum I volunteered at, took me on a ride in his 2006 Ford GT, then his 360 Challenge Stradale. In the GT we might have gotten up to some insane speeds on the highway that I have not since been able to repeat on my own. Read more

May 4

Every time I got into my Z there was a clear reminder that thing would probably kill me, and it was the very pretty 1990 steering wheel which has no airbag. Then there were the doors which were very lightweight and easy to close, the roof that came off completely to let in sunshine. But I always kinda told myself Read more

Apr 27

Space Force now officially has a space gun, of sorts, even if it is just an update of the same sort of weapon that’s been in use for this same sort of function for over 16 years. Read more

Apr 22

Funny enough I saw a quadrasteer GMC Sierra running down the 5 about a month ago and I was genuinely surprised that anyone had bought one.

Apr 21

My grandfather always told me “if you have to make a choice between a car payment and a rent payment, make the car payment. You can live in your car, but you can’t drive your apartment to work” Read more

Apr 17

People who lowball or people who think their trade-in is worth vastly more money than it actually is, were my biggest source of entertainment when I worked in dealerships.