5/05/20 8:40PM

I think Nintendo’s response was the extremely ginned up outrage among an minority was perfect. They put the game out anyway and let people play or not play it.

10/08/19 9:03AM

Does this mean Ghost of Tsushima is a PS5 exclusive? Pretty stoked nonetheless. At least I'll have a new console to play my despair away if the 2020 election goes to shit.

9/24/19 4:28PM

so it implies they murdered her girlfriend and beat and/or raped Ellie and that sets her off to find this group in the city? figured it’d be more focused on the state of the world and trying to do something about the virus but seems it’s a revenge plot?
Read more

8/12/19 12:12PM

Such a beautiful, wonderful game. But seriously, fuck the rain. Nothing fun about it, just absurdly annoying and way too frequent.

8/12/19 12:11PM

In my experience, it only rains a lot in BoTW when you’re going somewhere the game doesn’t really want you to go yet. Obviously, the first thing I wanted to do when I left the plateau was unlock all the towers. And in my game it rained all the way from Lanayru to fucking Deep Akkala. Mad deaths. Mad time spent Read more

7/11/19 12:57PM

Jhonen Vasquez on Twitter pointed out that it looks like a lion ate a Lion King fan, and now the fan is singing Lion King songs from inside the lion.

7/10/19 8:28AM

Parents. Parents buy this for kids, just like the 3DS. It’s amazing how many of you still don’t understand Nintendo. 

6/10/19 9:25PM

This is pretty much the best option imo. There’s no way it would appeal to a wide audience if it was an old turn based combat style. This is a compromise that blends action-rpg with turn-based RPG and it looks absolutely amazing to me.

6/10/19 9:24PM

I mean, you could just keep playing the original. I was impressed by the combat on this.

6/10/19 3:21PM

I loved that they kept doing “In the Year 2000" after 2000 had passed.  

6/10/19 1:43PM

Even if they release before December, I wonder if 2020 may be the new benchmark, as much as we look back at 2007 today with reverence.

2/26/19 10:12AM

Gita, thank you. I can’t say I always see eye to eye with staff writers, but I can wholeheartedly say that Kotaku is a better place for having you here and that your efforts make a difference, each and every day. Your perspectives matter and it makes all of us a little smarter, more empathetic, and wiser each read. Tha Read more

2/20/19 6:45PM

I know it sounds like excusing it but I love the jank in these games, as they remind me it’s a labour of love and not just yet another cleanly made but very generic game. That’s not to say there aren’t moments that it breaks the game but a reload usually fixed that. Read more