Aug 25 2018

This track is so fucking sick, oh my God. Best opening 3 tracks of a record I’ve heard in a long-ass time!

Jul 3 2018

You have a great way of articulating why you play games. I think what Heather is saying is that it’s manipulative when game makers profess to appeal to your apolitical sensibilities but actually use real-world politics claiming immunity via “intent.”

Jun 29 2018

Call me crazy, but the last time Grimes came out with a record, it was in response to dumb men in her life whom she realized just in time were making her art bad. She started from scratch, and voila: we have Art Angels and Flesh Without Blood (a perfect pop song.) Read more

Jun 13 2018

Did you play the first game? It’s thesis was similar and extraordinary.

Apr 17 2018

This. So irritated by when, as Moira, I was the only one even NEAR the drop ship when it arrived, the sole survivor, and I had to exit the dropship in order to try and revive my fallen teammates, killing myself in the process. I wish it were sooner, but this is good enough. :)

Apr 16 2018

Replace “Kratos” with “Mario” and ask yourself what you expect from a successful franchise.

Apr 7 2018

Sorry, not really true that they’re unique to Dark Souls - they are in literally every JRPG. But! They are implemented extra spookily in DS.

Apr 3 2018

This was great. Please do more. Chris, talk more. Love y’all.

Mar 20 2018

Hi, all video games are toys, regardless of whose salary bought them. That doesn’t mean they can’t be art, but they are all toys.

Mar 7 2018

Thank you for your excellent analysis and actual deference toward some the people who slogged to make this happen. THIS is what game journalism could/should be, not a laundry list of graphics/sound/gameplay, but a keen eye to observe even a bad game as an important cultural artifact.

Feb 27 2018

Do these videos not load on everyone’s phone or am I a Luddite?