May 28 2019

When I saw the dad, and how proud and caring he was, I teared up too. 

May 27 2019

I don’t care if it’s a publicity grub, big companies do those all the time and have zero obligation to also make them socially aware. Not sure if this will actually be an ad shown on TV or just a web exclusive, but this may very well be the first depiction of a trans man that Joe Everyday has ever seen. That is huge.

Jan 25 2019

My baby shower about 9 months ago was OTT- it kicked off at 11am and ended around 5pm. I had a blast. So I know usually people don’t get showers for their second baby, but a) who cares about rules and b) it’s actually really nice to get a day to celebrate and be with friends in the midst of a second pregnancy -when Read more

Dec 8 2018

Actually being in a relationship but having my own place is my ideal!

Nov 21 2018

“Lauren will always be the girl who didn’t go to Paris”- Lisa Love

Nov 9 2018

I hate this show so much that, when I find out a person likes it, I immediately think less of them.

Oct 22 2018

Give him credit, he knowns how to write a concise and maniacal four sentence business email.

Oct 19 2018

Also, several readers have reached out to me to suggest I watch previous seasons before I review this show. To them and anyone else who feels this way, I politely say...fuck no. That is not the point of this series! Thank you. 

Oct 19 2018

I’m annoyed by how many of you didn’t understand the clear reference to “Sk8r Boi” in the hed...