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The cultural appropriation thing is hard. Take David Chang is a Korean-American that made his name on Japanese ramen and Chinese buns. Sure he lived and trained in Japan and that’s his general preference, but it’s not his culture because Asian is not 1 culture. But nobody takes him to task for it because most of those Read more

10:01 AM

Most of us unwashed heathens would call that a palatial estate that usually comes with old-money, generational wealth.

9:07 AM

The blurb up top makes it clear what happened. “The AV Club” is a collection of individuals. Some of them thought the film was pretty good, but enough of them really hated it that it made the list. And now the comment section is going to be dominated by 20-something white guys crying about it.

8:23 AM

It’s not dedicated to clearing anyone’s name; it’s dedicated to making the FBI look evil and amateurish and the AJC (and others) as purveyors of “fake news”. This has almost nothing to do with Jewell’s reputation, and everything to do with swaying public opinion against FBI and journalism in general. This, my Read more

7:19 AM

I kind of enjoyed Joker, but it’s the worst kind of movie. Which is to say, it’s a film that purports to be about serious things, but doesn’t have anything to say beyond how terrible the way it is, because it can’t commit to anything. The best you can say about it is that it’s an examination of how white male Read more

7:29 PM

Knowing the sense of space that the Star Wars films, particularly the new ones, have had (excepting Rogue One, which was actually pretty good about this), they don’t know and don’t really care.

3:30 PM

Buddy Ebsen was slated to play the Tin Woodman in the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz, but he had to be replaced after the aluminum makeup used with his costume made him gravely ill.

3:17 PM

West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation Commissioner Betsy Jividen ordered existing copies of the image to either be destroyed, sent to her office, or “otherwise taken out of circulation to keep its harm from spreading” Read more

9:22 AM

She reported, accurately, that the Jewell was the FBI’s primary suspect. She didn’t accuse Jewell, the FBI did. She didn’t lie about anything. It is certainly true that the media needs to do a better job with info they get from law enforcement, as they are too quick to publish what law enforcement gives them without Read more

9:59 PM

It is possible to take a true story that involves a real injustice, and still portray it in a way that twists the lessons we should learn from that story or serves a more nefarious storyline. Richard Jewell truly faced an injustice, and was screwed over in a way that shows some pretty systemic issues with law Read more

9:50 PM

Not sure where the OP is going, but I don’t think anyone is objecting to the scene because it portrays a woman having a sexual side.  No one is mad because they expected Scruggs to be “sexless” and she was portrayed as being a person interested in sex.  They are objecting because the specific sexual transaction at Read more

9:44 PM

The way she talks about Scruggs as though Scruggs is a character (and not an actual deceased person with a family) is pretty gross. Like, you’re not making a fictional character more complex. You’re just slurring a dead person.

9:42 PM

It’s pretty obvious that the criticism is rooted in the editor-in-chief taking issue with the movie inventing something defamatory about one of their former employees and not because he only wants likeable female characters.