Jul 3

Best case, she’s pulling some profoundly tone-deaf Terry Crews-style shit, but that ain’t what’s happening here. She IS trans-hating, she IS wrong to treat sex, gender, presentation, and attraction as binaries rather than spectrums, and what she’s doing absolutely IS monstrous.
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Jun 30

Shade-Tree Mechanic Breaks Machine, Tree
Internet Rallies To Provide Massive Amounts Of Shade

Jun 29

“I was there, it was a great rally. There was plenty of room for people who wanted to social distance. Masks do nothing. Can’t live in fear forever...,” NBC reports, “The venue was so large that if you wanted you could be 50 ft away from people at times... There are plenty more things out there that we could get sick Read more

Jun 22

I imagine the Jedi will be leading folks to “uninhabitable” areas

I’d hope they’re leading them to uninhabitED areas; uninhabitABLE would be a pretty fucked-up thing to do!

Jun 22

Workaholics is not a current TV show, having ended three years ago. The one-off episode he was in aired nine years ago. Maybe experience the art before deciding what the creators’ motivations were for creating it?

Jun 21

“In the Dungeon Master’s Guide, we had some rules on extreme cold, high altitude,” Crawford noted. “What we do with Rime of the Frostmaiden is take those rules and we build on them—we tell you what’s going to happen if you’re trapped in a blizzard, what happens if, heaven forbid, the mountain collapses behind you and Read more

Jun 20

Eric was easily the best of the kids- which is unusual; usually the main character is less interesting than those around him, a la Seinfeld or Malcolm in the Middle- but Red and Kitty are the truly best overall.

Jun 17

but I think it’s such a bizarre trend that the way we punish behavior we determined we don’t like is to attack people’s wallets and livelihood.

Jun 14

You’d think a writer would know what words mean and when to use them, but I guess not.

Jun 11

I love his Henry V and Much Ado (and Hamlet, of course), but those were a long time ago.

Jun 8

I wish the Dems stood for that stuff. They’d win a lot more elections if they did.