Oct 18 2019

I know, I get it. Trust me I do. I root for human shit, and Rudy Guiliani loves our team. I legitimately have no come back for that, and I don’t expect you to ever come around. Read more

Aug 28 2019

or black just in your backyard doing nothing, or black and sleep in your car, or black reaching for you license, the list goes on and on. 

Aug 28 2019

Whoa whoa... let’s not make this a money thing. We are offering ‘support’ of the moral, spiritual and very much public variety here.”

Aug 28 2019

That dude killed two women and a child and spent an hour running around naked, trying to tackle and wrestle police officers, who absolutely refused to use their service weapons against him, and if watching that video doesn’t tell you 100% the difference between how the police treat black people and white people, Read more

Jul 30 2019

You forgot to work “not flashy” in there but good job overall.

Jul 30 2019

Yeah, Syndergaard is younger than Stroman, but he’s not quite as, ah...urban. You get what I’m saying? Got a real wholesome upbringing. Seems like he runs with a good crowd. The kind of guy I’d want my daughter to date. Sometimes a boy just needs somebody he can look up to. Read more

May 1 2019

Just gonna point out that you are also making assumptions about her body. There have been no confirmed reports on what exactly causes her increased levels of testosterone.

Feb 3 2019

Nobody ever talks about the power plants. It’s my first thought when watching any apocalyptic story. I’m just pretty sure that pretty much everywhere would be an irradiated wasteland if one day people just stopped showing up to run the nuclear reactors. I mean, I hope I’m wrong about that, but I suspect I am not. 

Jan 29 2019

Imagine if Obama had served fast food. Not only would he have been excoriated for “besmirching the dignity of the office of President” or whatever, but we’d still be hearing “WHY DIDN’T HE SERVE FRIED CHICKEN HYUK HYUK” until the end of fucking time.

Nov 30 2018

Brett finally gets the response he wants from a sent message. People view it and say, “What a dick!”