Nov 12 2018

RIP to great man. And Doom will always be my favorite of his works because I feel him on a deep, spiritual level  

Jul 29 2018

Joe Simpson is one of the two biggest assholes I ever worked with, so this doesn’t surprise me. What I am surprised about is the production truck having that video of BP ready to go and that the producer didn’t step in and tell the guys this wouldn’t be a good look.  Fans will know who the players are and if they Read more

Oct 19 2017

There’s no way Buck loves anyone more than he loves Jose Altuve. Dude’s been largely absent the last three games and yet Buck won’t shut up about him.

Oct 10 2017

After his disastrous stint at Ole Miss still don’t understand how Orgeron got an upgraded head coach position!

Oct 5 2017

Nah, fuck him and his request for privacy. He’s spent his career trying to make it harder for women to get abortions and being anti-gay. I just tweeted him and asked what it’s like to be so thoroughly craven, but I don’t expect a response.

Oct 4 2017

I don’t think he’s even been the richest man on his block, let alone in all of the US. He’s pathologically incapable of telling the truth.

Oct 4 2017

Neal, Matt and John were at DragonCon this year, and they made it sound like they will be back this season.

Oct 3 2017

Obviously now is the wrong time to talk about gun control but the right time to talk about increased hotel security. /s