Cayde-6's Unloaded Dice
Sep 22

It seems likely that’s what he’s doing on Europa, and so whether he’s returning as friend or foe remains to be seen” Read more

Sep 4

The lie is a cake!

Aug 18

I personally thought No Russian was a cheap and hacky way to try to recreate the shock from that legitimately excellent CoD: 4 mission where you get nuked. Still put a ton of time into the multiplayer, though. 

Aug 13

Bella Marshmallow showing how concerned she is with security:

Jul 28

Also, they should have this playing on the radio:

Jul 27

Rich is absolutely not gonna murder you in your sleep. No siree bob.

Jul 8

Once cracked, the code reveals that the owner will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Jun 15

I’ve got a great name for them: “Lady A’s Kitchen.

Jun 12

Origins and Odyssey are amazing RPGs, but bad Assassin’s Creed games. The first time I perched on top of a base and studied the enemy patrols for my ideal take-down route, and dropped down on the first guy.....only to have him take like half damage or whatever, and alert the entire base, I knew this was no longer Read more

May 16

This is Lacie Moonshadow, our rescue cat.  She was abandoned twice before, included being left behind in an empty house and found half starved by the next occupants when they moved in.  She loves the entire family, sits on all the chairs and beds, but wont climb on tables or counters, hates cardboard boxes, and will

May 15

You can pour them in a glass and eat them without getting your hands all chocolaty.

May 13

Now Kathy, you know we don’t allow Vin de Pays in this household. I’m very disappointed in your choices young lady.”

May 13

God yeah that’d answer the question of whether a bear shits in the woods or not haha!

May 13

name/user icon checks out.

May 12

I also want to see Anglo-Saxons complaining about how clean the Danes are.

May 7

The apple interface is a fucking disaster. I have several computers and family iphones and things are constantly being added and taken away from different devices, login errors are rampant and software upgrades trash usability. The last upgrade to my phone irrevocably scrambled all the album art in my music library. I Read more

May 5

No way!


I’m more of a watermelon guy.