Hemmerling for Mitchell
Oct 31

Some people say that he has a Lego haircut because he knows it will lure in children who love Legos. Allegedly, his affinity for children will be his downfall. Read more

Oct 25

I will break character for one comment here.  The question isn’t really “could he eventually be decent?” it’s “who the fuck do the Bears sign or trade for so that the offense doesn’t waste this absolutely elite defense”.  They have a QB now that goes 3 and out every fucking time he gets the ball and it’s keeping that Read more

Oct 24

The Bulls will be ok, until Batshit Boylen makes them do wind-sprints after every loss until their muscle fibers start breaking down and their injuries are mismanaged and nothing comes of it because the front office is a fucking disgrace and the owner is apathetic to all goings-on.  They’ll barely miss the playoffs Read more

Oct 24

My baby would lose her fucking mind during the summer every time the AC switched on, so I spent a horribly warm summer sweating my fucking ass off. Cut my electric bill in half, but spending was diverted on buy new boxers. Read more

Oct 24

The guy they have now is ok, but the pure athleticism that Trubisky has that he has been aching to unleash, keeps me thinking that the Bears made the right move.  Sure, the other guys drafted have “better results” early on, but this is someone who’s gonna be around seemingly forever!

Oct 24

It’s being reported that Landry backtracked after receiving a video text showing Belichick reading his guarantees, with a throbbing erection