heisenmeg, roller derby badass
4:37 PM

It took two ultrasounds for our youngest to show us the goods. We had the second about a month later because she was also being squirmy about her heart and they couldn’t get a good read. She was fine at birth, but better to take the precaution.

10:48 AM

Everyone else has mostly covered what I’d suggest, but I’m going to toss in a recommendation for Boots No7 tinted moisturizer. It’s heavy enough that I get decent coverage, but light enough that I don’t feel greasy all day. And it comes pale enough for my super pale white girl self, which is always a plus.

3:42 PM

I’m not sure I’ll retire retire. The husband and I have talked about opening our own brewery after the kids are out of the house - it’s likely that for the first couple of years of that I’d still work full time and then eventually I’d transition to just running the brewery with him. And maybe if we get lucky we’ll get Read more

11:18 AM

I wrote a college admissions essay around this story - framing it in regards to how it felt to be the military kid from the poor side of town at the fancy high school. It still rings true to these days.

2:45 PM

My current primary care provider is female, as was the one before her. The heisendude and the kidlets (both girls) also see the same doc. I didn’t pick her - I picked the practice, and my doc there left, and I chose this doc as the replacement because she’s got a sports med background and I figured skating derby that Read more

4:42 PM

Her school is pretty socially aware as a whole - the staff could be more diverse, but that’s an issue in our public schools regardless. Her current (third grade) class has more girls than boys, so her teacher’s really been talking about the achievements of women and the hardships they still face - like she came home Read more

12:18 PM

I love Swedish Fish - so your call to skip them was right on. It was literally like eating a creamy swedish fish between two chocolate halves.