heisenmeg, roller derby badass
Jun 29 2018

I have some sypmathy for Philip (he never had a chance with that father, clearly nobody has ever modelled non-toxic masculinity to him; then the tragic loss of his beloved sister - the show really makes your heart break for him in that episode where they deal with the plane crash; talk about a tragic backstory), but I Read more

Jun 22 2018

Kushiel’s Dart has the DNA of a romance, but it’s also secretly an epic political fantasy. I fucking love it, so so much.

Mar 9 2018

Yeah, I feel the same way about baby tending. I give no fucks for people who side-eye me about being happy. Of course I love my kids. I also love work. They also love daycare/school. Stay-at-home people, we are not. :)

Feb 27 2018

I would definitely choose money. People who say to choose love over money have never had to worry about money.

Feb 25 2018

I swear to god. Employee👏 Employer👏 Relationships👏Are👏 Presumptively 👏coercive👏

Feb 12 2018

You are my angel. I could not for the life of me remember the author for “The Wedding Date” after it got recommended on Pop Culture Happy Hour last year, and Googling it was pretty much useless! Read more

Jan 8 2018

Develop it into condos for Trump supporters and you’d have a literal basket of deplorables.

Jan 5 2018

She is a very capable actress...when she tones things down. Think of her in King’s Speech mode (vs. Tim Burton). She be great—it will be refreshing to see her truly act again!