7:57 AM

I am sorry that you are stressed when you were only trying to do something nice for your niece and nephew. I also saw your comment below that the GameStop is closing so the gifts are non-returnable. Would you be willing to donate the gifts? Find a women and children’s shelter that needs some toys for the kids? That Read more

10:07 PM

I don’t think what you did is wrong, but I can see several reasons why your sister would have an issue with an expensive gift. I think it would be a good idea to have a conversation with your sister about what she feels are appropriate gifts, and in the future discuss getting expensive gifts with her first. Read more

4:56 PM

I understand where you’re coming from, but I also hate the concept that this is put on the shoulders of the general public to fix.
Read more

8:22 PM

I’ve had an irrational fear since I was a kid that if I sleep with my feet outside the blanket, the monsters under the bed will get them. Protect the feet at all costs! 

3:31 PM

i will say i fly a lot of united and so top-tier loyalty customers get upgraded a few days before departure even happens, and they are notified via email. then they work down to the lowest united mileageplus tier, day-of if available. after that i don’t know what they do or how they decide. if you want an upgrade, i Read more

12:09 PM

Eeeeeeek it’s two weeks until our wedding!!! I just spent the morning sending out timeline emails, confirming things with our planner, and looking up food ideas for our reception picnic. Read more

8:36 PM

Pour one out for Clashtalk guys, it’s been deleted. I wonder how much longer will former sublogs last. 

4:21 PM

Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to see this. I know I ghosted you, Clashtalk, but that doesn’t mean I ever stopped hearting you. May you rise up from your catty ashes once more, my bitchy friends. Read more

3:28 PM

I think I discovered Clashtalk via the epic Pinkham post. These online communities are by nature ephemeral but this still sucks. If this is for the reason that seems to be the reason that’s amazing. High school never ends. 

6:25 PM

I think quality temporary tattoos are great and I can’t wait for them to be more commonly used and would love for them to last for a month or two! Sometimes you want a more decorative tattoo but don’t want to commit for life. Like I’d totally do a Taylor Swift-esque spray of butterflies on my back for a beach vacation Read more

7:23 PM

I try not deal with the worst of them, but honestly it feels pretty impossible, as nearly every company is owned/run by some rich shithead who supports Trump because they want tax cuts and relaxed regulation, and doesn’t care how evil anything else Trump does is as long as they get what they want.

7:42 PM

That's why I've pretty much switched exclusively over to Better Than Bullion. A jar in my fridge and I can make exactly how much broth I need at whatever strength I want. 

12:12 AM

According to celebrity scuttlebutt, he had broken up with Sarah AND the girlfriend after her because he allegedly was done having kids and they wanted a family.

Turns out much like many older, famous men, he just wanted a considerably younger woman to have the family with. Read more

6:30 PM

I’m not averse to districts deciding to start later or earlier or whenever. I’m just averse to a republican governor who bitches about the federal govt telling the states what they can and can’t do deciding to do that to school districts. Read more