I’ve been meaning to order something from these folks along those lines: Read more

I’m really surprised that Gawker isn’t talking about a huge aspect of this movie. Why are the editors so against spoilers? Read more

But. But. Guiness! Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout! Breckenridge Vanilla Porter! Read more

What new and exciting ideas did The Name of the Wind bring to the genre? I read it and was pretty unimpressed. Read more

That was probably ad Olde English Bulldogge (with the “e”.) Which is slightly different and has more humane breeding standards to try and match healthier bulldogs from more original stock a century ago. Read more

Because that’s still stereotyping? It’s the same as “Asians are good at math.” Read more

I always enjoyed in Romancing the Stone how Michael Douglas chops the heels off of Kathleen Turner’s shoes to make them more practical for traipsing around the jungle.

Never mind. Reading comprehension fail. Read more

How do I read this from the beginning? I don’t understand how to tumblr :( Read more

I’m also intrigued by the use of “streetwalker”. I don’t know where that falls on the PC scale. Read more

Ha. Like he would ever change a diaper! That’s women’s work. Read more

Perhaps they could have answered exactly what is in your second paragraph; that it’s unfortunate the only female superhero needs to have some sort of sexual tension with one of the male characters in every movie she’s in. Read more

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I hope it is more than a "we need to save the virginal women from the mean men" story, which is what this trailer implies:

The linked article explains she was on parole after the first conviction and having her first child, slept with him AGAIN and then went back to jail. Read more

The garlic has good shelf life and can flavor several meals into something less horrible tho. Read more

Perhaps even...dun dun duuuuun... some canned tomatoes?? Read more

Ha yeah, I was so distracted by all the green that I missed the eggs completely. Read more

It’s true. I’m laughing at all these comments, but hopefully this will highlight that it is hard to do! Read more