Friday 6:23PM

It’s on the start menu of every copy of Win10Pro I’ve ever installed.

Friday 6:21PM

Perhaps you should consider ordering a copy of Thomas Piketty’s excellent “Capital in the 21st Century”. Read more

Friday 10:36AM

Man I would SO love to do that, but unfortunately some of the software I need to uswe, and my clients as well, only runs on ‘Doze nuts. 

Friday 10:35AM

Almost EVERY ONE of my clients has asked me to help get rid of that weather indicator that keeps splashing news whenever they approach the taskbar. Easy I know, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for...

Thursday 6:24PM

Great answer, to bad few here have the attention span to read it nor the wherewithal to understand it. They’d all rather just get poutraged and go have a toke before the next episode of “Judge Judy” starts. 

Wednesday 7:42PM

I understand the outrage, but...dude, you just don’t understand. ANYONE can do what they do...they just do it BETTER. And on a much larger scale. Read more

Wednesday 6:55PM

May the broomstick she rode in on catch fire and auger into the ground as she leaves. Poverty porn. Abysmal waste of braincells and electricity. SHE is the only thing more loathsome than her appellates.

6/06/21 1:10PM

I’m up for all things Wachowski. They are easily the most innovative, creative and FEARLESS directors/writers on the planet right now. “Sens8"? “Speed Racer?” Brilliant. 

6/04/21 4:57PM

Agreed. I’ve been on sets with much smaller budgets, and lemme tell ya, pressure is INSANE. And people break, oh yes they do. Read more

6/02/21 4:27PM

His ‘blog’ only lasted 29 days. Not even a full month. So, about the average tenure of a White House spokesman under his....whatever the fuck that was?