Yesterday 4:32PM

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” Read more

Thursday 11:50PM

100% agreed; Windows 2000 Pro was absolutely the best version of Windows Microsoft ever created, and I’d be ecstatic if they could apply that UX over the current system. No frills, no bullshit, and absolutely everything was exactly where it belonged.

Thursday 8:41PM

I just want to go back to the times of having a proper, full-release Windows OS, not some half-assed “as-a-service” that risks breaking something every other update (and also every update, fixing something else that was broken). Only complete and heavily tested updates released in big Service Packs or quarterly, Read more

Thursday 7:21PM

But that was before they came up with a new way to completely rearrange it again for no reason!

Thursday 7:16PM

Jokes on us. That’s not a remix of all the load up sounds from every version of Windows. It’s literally just Windows 11 trying to load.

Thursday 6:35PM

That was good for the headlines at the time. Nobody believed them. No company on earth can continue to market their same product for decades on end without updates and the latest versions except for soft drink companies, MS is no exception.  That said, I’m eager to see a new Windows 11 refresh, because 10 is a Read more

Thursday 6:28PM

Didn’t they say 10 was going to absolutely be their final version? I’m still salty they made me give up my beautiful 7 on my desktop for it.    Not so sad about losing 8 on my laptop though.

Thursday 8:59AM

“You can do it too.” Shut the fuck up, bootlicker. The myth of the “self-made man” has been debunked a thousand times. Read more of these “books” you pretend to be so interested in.

Thursday 6:45AM

Their accountants (presumably) followed all of the rules, exactly. If you have a problem with the percentage of their income that they paid in taxes, don’t bitch at them or their accountants (because H&R Block, et al do the same for you within the tax rules) but go after the Representatives and Senators who submitted Read more

Wednesday 10:43PM

New flash.... net worth is unrelated to the liquidity and earnings that taxes are calculated against. Being upset that someone saw their net worth increase but did not pay a massive increase in taxes is a ludicrous way to look at things. Read more

Wednesday 6:03PM

Looks like somebody missed the memo. Trump lost. Now we go after the problem that was revealed, not the person who revealed the problem.

Wednesday 5:55PM

They might prosecute the sources if they can catch them, but as long as ProPublica didn’t fuck it up like the Intercept those sources are probably somewhat safe and hard to find. Read more

6/04/21 2:08PM

Tom Cruise movie sets are a thing unto themselves, according to people in the industry I’ve worked with. They’re apparently one of the best places to work, because everyone gets treated super well, and that’s all Cruise’s doing. So, of course, he gets to yell at people when he wants. Read more