He knew what he was doing was wrong- he should get Crystal Mason’s sentence added on to his. 
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“Racist” is one that seems get an angry response more often than not :\ Read more

Johnny Unitas never played for the Indianapolis Colts and pretty much disowned the “franchise” (which is a ridiculous fucking concept - it’s not like people in Indy were cheering for him en masse when he was playing for the Colts so why should his legacy reside there? because of a fucking helmet logo and the whim of a Read more

This picture does nothing to dispel the infamous urban legend that Jack White is just Carrot Top with his hair dyed. Starting to wonder if the rumors might not be true...

I mean, yeah- watching Harper’s massive dong was cathartic, but given the choice between watching that and spending a quiet evening by the fireplace running my fingers through his hair, well ... catharsis takes on many forms, my friend.
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I’m so confident that this headline works as well or better without the possessive “Las Vegas Tunnel” in it that I didn’t even scan the comments to see if I’m the first one pointing it out, because it’s not possible that I am. Read more

My biggest issue with ESPN isn’t anybody talking politics, it’s everybody talking, all of the goddamn time. If you’re going to turn your network into CNN for sports, and shove ‘Get Up’, ‘Golic & Wingo’, ‘PTI’, and all of the other horseshit vehicles for the ‘personalities’ you’re spending millions on to make sure they Read more

Technically speaking, isn’t a past ball that’s ruled to be the pitcher’s fault a wild pitch? Meaning 100% of passed balls would be the catcher’s fault? Read more

When you purchase it, you can download it. From there, iTunes can pull it until it squirts, it won’t have any effect on my copy. Read more

Imagine being so important to the Fox TV programming ecosystem that sexual harassment can see you ascend from your accuser’s co-host to hosting your own damn show. This is essentially how Fox feels about a man named George fucking Murdoch. Read more

Anybody know how to watch Serie C games in the US? :( Read more

I just want to see that gif slowed down with “Please Me” playing in the background and I don’t care what people think of me because of it. Read more

Really hoping the potentially record low turnout (it’s at about 20% as of 2 pm), helps get her into a runoff. We need more candidates that have her kind of agenda, and less Daleys here. Read more

Someone, please, make this dude go away. Read more

I don’t necessarily see his stance on voting as an inconsistency in his world view (I mean, I don’t agree with it, but if his stance is or at least hints toward being ‘the system is broken’ then I guess non-participation is more consistent than not), but I guess I can see where one might see it that way. I posed it as Read more

“I think his hands would be pretty damn tied if Washington actually worked him out and offered him a contract.” Yeah, it’s entirely possible that, while Washington offering him a tryout after more than a year wouldn’t necessarily disprove collusion, him refusing it, or trying out but refusing to sign due to their Read more

Look at the 1%er here, calling the sum of my disposable wealthan extremely low amount’. Life must be nice in your ivory tower! Read more

It’s a good question - I think the fact that he’s been out of a job for over a year while the likes of Nathan Fucking Peterman have held starting jobs bodes well for his case whether he gets an offer or not, regardless to what he does with it, but I also don’t think a universe exists where he gets so much as a tryout Read more

On the contrary, I’d be willing to cough up my own hard earned cash money to see it. Read more