Aug 10

Are you going to get more in depth on the epiphany that led to the life changes you vaguely referred to in the German Minivan post?  Was this effort to clean the slate on the vehicle front (regardless of the government’s intervention) part of the epiphany or did you get the epiphany though working on reducing your Read more

Aug 7

Erin, did you write your own headline or was this forced on you by the Herbs? Because this is really just clickbait and sullies your reputation and Jalopnik’s.

Mar 13

It’s like finding a great price on a casket: you know it makes sense to buy it because you have to, but there is something that just prevents it from being a joyous occasion — this being you drive around in something that will depress any driving experience. Read more

Feb 12

Just from the poster I am really excited to see Mel Gibson back in action movies again.

Feb 3

No, that thing is like 7 feet high. If I pooped on it, it would be physically awkward and emotionally traumatizing.

Feb 3

I feel bad pooping on anything that has “Li’l” in it’s name, but other than the stacked exhaust, there really isn’t anything interesting about it. But out of the three model cars I made as a kid (before my parents took away the model glue) this was one of them. Read more

Dec 10

My dad gifted a Grey 1989 SHO back in ‘91 when he upgraded to a Red ‘90 SHO. I really loved that car and kept it for seven years and took it to 128k miles. I never hooned it, but then again I was in my 20s and most (no not you, whoever is about to clap back he/she would curate every car like it was in a museum) of us Read more

Oct 31

So you’re saying that an evil group took over the vehicle of the good guys, then repurposed for their own and then lost the war? Read more

Oct 31

This Truck is all about me — it’s brutish, can haul loads of Herbs, and gives the veneer of something that I’m not. Hell, I don’t even know how to drive, but that won’t stop me from owning it. Read more

Oct 30

What if the crew of the USS America decided that its commander in chief was a complete dipshit and went rogue when he wanted them to stick to sports?