Ma Vaffanculo is very sorry for the comment about Flakka
11/16/16 3:02PM

Listen, it’s anonymous internet commentary, everyone is so brave and opinionated. 95% of these people wouldn’t be able to get a sentance out in person, and they can’t blame flakka even. Read more

11/16/16 2:27PM

That bums me out because we share personal stuff to humanize ourselves, understand each other and make sense of things. I hope after some time you don’t regret it because I’m sure it has helped more people than harmed. I know its hard but just say fuck it and fuck these pile-ons, lol. It happened yesterday to another Read more

11/16/16 2:16PM

Ok this is the best comment of them all, lol

11/16/16 2:15PM

:( wtf is the pile on for? I thought your comment was snarky, that’s it. I’ve seen way fucking worse. Goddamn, these people came out of the woodwork to crucify you. Anyway, chin up!

11/16/16 1:56PM

Yeah, I definitely see it happen. I think part of the problem is that when people click on the blog post, your apologies are posted after they’ve opened the page, and therefore, the page hasn’t refreshed before they post their reply. That or mob mentality. Yeah, definitely most people have said insensitive jokes in Read more

11/16/16 1:41PM

Yeah, as others have said, it happens to the best of us. Personally I think this phenomenon is loosely related to why we lost last Tuesday.

11/16/16 1:22PM

Oh man, I detest pile-ons and people treating some comments/jokes like a crime. You made an apology and I would just ignore all the additional incoming two cents. Not everyone thinks the same...

11/16/16 1:15PM

She apologized though. She even called herself an asshole. Shit, that’s more than most people do around here. When I fall victim to the Jezebel dopile, I just close my laptop until the next day lol. That’s a real asshole move!

11/16/16 1:05PM

I didn’t see your apologies, or the other comments similar to mine. So, fair enough, thank you for your apology and for being receptive to input. We all say stupid things sometimes.

11/16/16 12:57PM

Are you mocking them for having a therapist and having shared that with us in past? If so, cool beans. Looks like you caught the post-election asshole bug too.

11/16/16 12:56PM

Ignore the dogpile (it’s my least fav part about commenting here—we’re all bound to be on receiving end of it). They’re probably just withdrawing. I KID, I KID. Come at me, folks!

11/16/16 10:24AM

I didn’t even go to the trouble of adoption papers and I consider Joe Biden my Grandpa. I even refer to him as Grandpa Joe.