Ma Vaffanculo is very sorry for the comment about Flakka
11/16/16 3:19PM

Some of these comments are serious overreactions to a stupid comment. I can’t believe how many people are calling me an addict because I made a joke yesterday about drinking a lot after the election. I’m also surprised at people shaming me for therapy to make their point. People go to therapy for a million different Read more

11/16/16 3:06PM

Are you saying you’re an addict because you had some wine on Friday? Because my list is pretty similar to yours without the antibiotics. I don’t do drugs. I have wine sometimes. I drank more than usual during election week as did many, many people on here, but for me that meant 4 drinks one night after Trump won. My Read more

11/16/16 2:20PM

I thought I was just being snarky too. I really regret talking about personal stuff on here now. I’m trying to keep my chin up but am having a seriously difficult morning after this and don’t even feel like I can admit that because someone (Innocuous) will tear me a new one for that too. Thanks for the comment Hachi.

11/16/16 1:52PM

Outrage is pretty powerful. I’ve felt it for sure. It seems infectious. I will definitely check myself in the future if I ever feel the urge to keep piling on someone who said something stupid and is clearly aware of their wrongdoing. It isn’t constructive and being on the receiving end feels pretty awful. I spend a Read more

11/16/16 1:18PM

Actually, no, I don’t recall an instance where someone repeatedly apologized and admitted she was wrong and people still piled on and on. I’m sure it happens, but I don’t think I’ve participated in it. It’s not like I have a history of asshole comments, yet at least two people went back through them and found Read more

11/16/16 1:15PM

I’ve known a lot of addicts, actually. I dated a heroin addict who broke my heart with his behavior. I was specifically referring to Flakka, which is known to be a particularly insane drug with insane side effects, and I’ve already said multiple times that it was a thoughtless comment, and yes, ignorant.

11/16/16 1:04PM

Thanks. I can admit when I made a mistake, but I have to say, there was one commenter calling me an alcoholic asshole who really seemed to cross the line. I deleted that comment because it was super hurtful and makes me really regret ever bringing up therapy. I’m not clear why it’s OK to protest one cruel comment with Read more

11/16/16 12:45PM

Listen, I said I was sorry, acknowledged that it was a bad comment. I’d delete it if I could. I’m not sure what else I can do. It was a fucked up thing to say, I wasn’t thinking. So, go ahead and continue to judge me for my mistake for which I took responsibility and expressed regret about, make fun of me for seeing a Read more

11/16/16 12:31PM

First of all, my therapist makes EVERYONE do that. I am not an addict. Second of all, you even saying that is hypocritical in intent. Finally, I already apologized for my insensitivity, but go ahead and pile on like an asshole. Shall I burn myself on a pyre for making a bad comment? I acknowledged I was wrong, what Read more