Aug 9

Wanna know my 100% tried-and-true, surefire, guaranteed way to fit your fat ass into a wedding dress? Read more

Mar 15 2019

Or, just watch him in Person of Interest (an entirely different kind of role, and charisma, than M’Baku) and cast him in all the fucking things?

Feb 1 2019

The words ‘courage’ and ‘toughness’ and ‘guts’ are thrown around routinely in pro sports, but all those apply in spades to Lindsey Vonn and her co-competitors. The unbelievable speeds they generate on skis on seemingly vertical surfaces and slopes of ice has to be witnessed to be comprehended. Read more

Jan 10 2019

What does anyone expect her to actually do that hasn’t already been done ? Sue him ? Murder every enabler before challenging her father to a duel ? This is real life, not Kill Bill. Read more

Jan 10 2019

Seriously, leave her the fuck alone. She isn’t responsible for his actions. She doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing due to the accident of who she was born to. 

Dec 19 2018

Leah is brave. I love that she is vocal and won’t stop. I think it’s helped her not get disappeared because people would notice and point to them. 

Dec 10 2018

I really enjoyed this movie, but thought it dragged a bit whenever the movie shifted away from the women and onto the local politics stuff. The actors propping up that subplot were all great, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care about the corrupt white political family that was struggling to hold onto their Read more

Nov 21 2018

Just remember kids, if the going get tough, AWD or 4WD wont help you turn or stop in any condition. You need the correct TIRES for that maneuver. Crashes happen because you cant control the projection or speed of your vehicle. AWD or 4WD only help you hurt yourself at a higher speed if you have the wrong tires. Get Read more

Nov 20 2018

Just a quick tip from a long time sales guy, literally none of us fall for the “I have a meeting in an hour” line. We all know it’s a lie, and it’s not going to help you get out of there any quicker because we know we’re being lied to, and just like the consumer, we don’t like being lied to! Just be honest and tell Read more

Nov 16 2018

I worked closely with Kat at USF before she transferred to FIT. She was on my FSAE team for a while and we had most of our classes together for a couple of semesters. I’m absolutely heartbroken. Read more

Nov 12 2018

The problem with Harleys is the same problem with Corvettes.....

You spend all your life from your childhood wanting one until you can finally (barely) afford one only to realize that everyone else has one and you are once again indistinguishable from the masses.

So you spend $20k modding it only to realize that you Read more

Aug 17 2017

Would you read a car review written by a professional Animal Husbandry person and take it seriously?