The Hammock District
Feb 8 2017

Can’t wait for Mark Wahlberg to play Edelman in the movie version. The ball will be voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

Jul 27 2016

I thought it was because Superman, with his super senses and Daily Planet connections, didn’t realize that a masked vigilante had been operating in the city just across the bay from him for years until be became a homicidal super villain.

Jul 27 2016

I thought it sucked because Batman was a homicidal super villain until he finds out that Superman’s mom has the same name as his mom.

Jun 24 2016

Those same people who love to whine about the Electoral College (“but whyyyy can’t it just be one person, one vote”) lean heavily on its existence to allow them to vote with their precious consciences instead of their fucking brains.

Jun 22 2016

The Knicks definitely traded Robin Lopez away to sign Dwight Howard. Next year their starting lineup is going to be Derrick Rose, Aaron Afflalo, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Dwight Howard, and they’re gonna win 39 games and lose to the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs.

Jun 22 2016

Can’t wait until they sign Dwight Howard and finally build a team to take on the 2010-11 Heat.

Jun 20 2016

Wait, the Walmart near my house has the deodorant locked up but this one just has fireworks laying out there for anyone with a lighter to mess with? Read more

Jun 20 2016

Dany stomped a mudhole in the Masters the likes of which has never been stomped. That was awesome. After two seasons of doing nothing, I’m super happy to see her reclaiming her badass credentials.
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Jun 17 2016

I voted Rovell anyway. In the grand scheme of things Schilling’s crap is just generic alt-right memes. You can find that on any Facebook feed. Read more

Jun 17 2016

Fuck you Schilling. Fuck you for preventing me from voting Rovell. Worst tweet should always be Rovell.