Dec 4

Jason, you’re logged in under Andrew’s account, just FYI

Dec 3

If a single piece of food was acquired from outside the car or if anyone peed outside the vehicle, there’s room for improvement. Seems like the pinnacle would be having some of those support people waiting at the pumps to fill your tank asap. Those pit stops COMPLETELY DESTROY YOUR PACE PLEASE JUST GET BACK IN THE CAR Read more

Nov 7

They must all be at SEMA. I have yet to see one in the wild. 

Oct 21

What’s important to me is being able to open an article in Jalopnik without a video autoplaying.

Oct 21

Just a side note: The auto playing video ads are really annoying. As someone who works in advertising and has had experience with rich media ads I can tell you they don’t work and its a great way to turn off users.

Oct 4

Ever since its introduction to Formula One, the Virtual Safety Car has been one of the more frustrating regulations due to the fact that it can often alter the outcome of a race by being deployed at its most critical juncture. But it doesn’t always have to be that way—and now there’s a video explaining how. Read more

Sep 30

I thought Catholic priests preferred to ride younger hardbodies.

Sep 29

In the latter half of it’s lifecycle, no one wanted the NSX back then either.