I mean, the same two guys who crafted Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade created Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sometimes older guys lose the creative thread of their past work. Read more

We paid to experience the story that we love. Not to have it rewritten. Especially not by people who made all the dull spin offs. Read more

What does it say about me that I’m perfectly willing to accept real-life videogame fights and superpowered vegans, but I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to believe that multiple beautiful women would be throwing themselves at Michael Fucking Cera? Read more

Tell me about it. Marcy was a feminist, tree-hugging Republican. Read more

Now that colorism and whitewashing is affecting black men, watch how niggas are about to be OUTRAGED. Read more

which is a different thing that is not racism Read more

As a fat person myself, I didn’t see the problem. I would read it as the Zora Queen being vain. And the Zora guards want the problem solved because the Queen wants the problem solved, and she’s the queen, so you do what she says (even if one of the guards thinks she looks better in her unaltered form) Read more

How is this newsworthy? Your own article states the women aren’t working in the high paying sectors of the company. Read more

Over one hundred Facebook followers? That doesn’t sound a lot. Then again, one million followers does qualify “over one hundred” Read more

I think I’m going to develop a browser add-in that replaces the word “racism” with “racialized prejudice + power”. Read more

The Fiennes/Thurman Avengers, perhaps? Read more

The Avengers may have dated because there have been so many of these movies by now, so I can understand someone watching it for the first time recently thinking its no big deal. But when it came out there had never been a superhero movie quite like it. Read more

I don’t absolutely detest Justice League, as many do, but to put it anywhere near on par with the first Avengers film is pretty ludicrous. Read more

I don’t think the problem is that they chose a villain that was totally unknown to the wider public, the problem is that they made the villain the worst stereotypical bad guy trope possible. His motivation was generic, his powers were unmemorable and no effort was made to make the character compelling in any way. Read more

I have several friends who have struggled with this question over the last five years. My thing is this: no parents were curating their kids’ Star Wars experience back when the originals came out, other than deciding whether or not to take them to the theatre or rent them the movie. None of us grew up being told to Read more

It’s true. Had there only been more guns in the house, this whole horrible tragedy might have been averted.
Read more

Fuck guns and fuck the NRA and fuck anyone who supports the NRA. Read more

I dunno, for me the best Marvel movie isn’t an MCU movie at all. I’d put Logan slightly above Black Panther, and I’m guessing most people would at least put it in their top 5. Will the MCU ever start doing small stories that aren’t about world-shaking clashes, or is that just never going to be in their repertoire? Read more