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More power to her, I say. Ageing vaginas deserve love too! Read more

God isn’t to pay the fucking bills. Take you fundie bullshit somewhere else. Read more

Insert “and black daughters”(whether they’re yours or not), despite the fact that a lot racists do lust over black women. From the United States to Australia (Rabbit Proof Fence is a powerful movie concerning how they tried to “white out” the aboriginal population there through taking the women and having their way Read more

For everyone out there, please don’t just talk to your black sons but your black daughters, too. This could be them, too. Read more

While I agree that I really like Leah, I think she and Luanne are mistaken about the effect of alcohol on the rest of their lives. Read more

She also kept reiterating that she doesn’t want her son “to change,” which is exactly like saying she doesn’t want him to grow, which seems like a strange way to parent your adult son. Read more

This recap has to be more entertaining than the actual show.  I cannot verify that because I refuse to watch the show, but I know I’m right. Read more

Ha! That happened 6 years ago and my husband is still beaten up about missing his chance to be someone cool Read more

I once read a very funny parody advice column called something like, “Air Travel Etiquette for the Internet Age.” It posits that your seatmate is streaming porn and offers conversational gambits. Read more

Pprobably me, making me poor mum sing Old MacDonald Had A Farm on the flight from England to Australia (a 20 hour flight) nonstop and complaining loudly when she repeated animals. I’m sorry everyone on that flight in 1994! Read more

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This isn’t my story, but I feel it belongs here.

People who whine constantly about the already well known and pre-established indignities and frustrations of air travel? Read more

I don’t want my coworkers to panic if they can’t get ahold of me, the obvious lynchpin of Lifehacker

You are the obvious lynchpin to me, Claire. Read more

My father died on Thanksgiving Day twenty years ago. Thanksgiving dinner didn’t happen that year, and neither did Christmas. We were very close and it was very traumatizing. Read more

I mean just write the poor woman a check. She did fuck with woman’s life and livelihood for no reason. That was some bullshit. Read more

right? guess he’s never had a tight connection in ATL. I’m either running my ass off or waiting 2h in that airport. Read more

Because my fat ass has been wedged in that tiny ass seat for hours and if I don’t stand up soon I am gonna be stuck permanently in that position. Read more

Viking River Cruises sound great, and the boats look cool and go to fun places. However, be aware the average age of travellers is 70, so most of your vacation will be spent talking with strangers about their hip operations and incarcerated grandchildren. Read more

I like when these people come home with British accents. Read more