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“Sadly, for a particular breed of men, women existing nude online, whether in this universe or the meta one, should only take place when in service to their needs. And often, they just don’t need a woman over 25.” Read more

Whenever my sister says she’s going to jump in the shower, I tell her to be careful. We’re older than you. It never ends. 😂 Read more

We were in a childbirth class. The instructor, who was also a friend, asked if it would be okay to out us as people who had not circumcised their kid, in case any new parents had questions. (Our first was a boy and we were expecting our second.) Though I do not make a habit of discussing my children’s genitals with Read more

I love banana pudding. Also, sending lots of love to you. Not having your mother there to ask things is hard, really hard. Hope the banana pudding is amazing. Read more

I feel all of this. But I find it distressing to watch her decide to drink after having been to rehab and being sober for so long. Is going on a reality show the best accompaniment to picking up alcohol again? Probably not, and I feel bad watching it. (But I’ll keep watching it, because I can’t look away.)
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Eh. I ordered $260 worth of stuff. Not that hard to do, since we are a fairly large family. I ordered things like olive oil, fish sauce, and miso that we eat anyway. The prices were comparable to Whole Foods or another specialty grocery for those things–expensive, but not exorbitant. The caviar thing turned out to be Read more

I watch the show, and this is the first thing I read every week afterward. I’ve started plate-watching during the show and looking forward to reading your take. If you ever need a substitute writer for this, hit me up. 😂 Thank you so much. Read more

I really want to share this story, and I apologize in advance if it’s boring. Because it was work-related and local, I really couldn’t share it beyond the confines of my marital bed. I used to work as an art director/stylist type person for a small magazine. We shot editorial, but also created and shot all the ads for Read more

Totally agree with this. And if I accidentally buy too many, I go ahead and juice them and put the juice in the freezer. Hooray for cocktails or lemonade later, without all the juicing work. Read more

“Anyways twenty bucks says this letter writer is actually American and just stayed in Europe after a study abroad and now acts like they don’t remember what the culture is like here.” Read more

This is me. I hate being the center of attention, but I love a party. I have so much fun at other people’s weddings! But have no desire to be the center of attention at my own. The thought fills me with dread! Read more

I’m someone who hates being the center of attention, really, really hates it. But I love things that are funny. I would have LOVED for this to happen at my wedding.  Read more

This has three things I like. Yum. Definitely trying. Read more

I am old. I discovered it on the golf course (and I just started playing golf, and it is an absolute damn delight). Anyhow, it basically tastes like La Croix/Polar Seltzer/whatever, but a little less weak. It’s so uncool but I’m so old I just don’t care anymore. I want what I want. (Will still take a nice glass of Read more

Why are these people wearing SHOES on the bed? Is that not where they sleep? Normal people don’t even wear street CLOTHES on the bed. This is PROOF these people aren’t real or normal or okay in any damn kind of way. smdh Read more

I feel like a lot of people are misunderstanding that guidance counselor, school social worker or psychologist, academic advisor, and college counselor are different jobs. Not every school has the budget for all of those positions. In fact, most don’t, which sucks, but is a fact of life for most students in the US who Read more