Unexpected Dave
8:46 AM

The 2e Bard was secretly really powerful. Because of their faster experience progression, they’re often better at spellcasting than a Wizard.

8:50 AM

I’ve got a healthy slate of 2019 games yet to play/finish: Zanki Zero, Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds, Disco Elysium, & Pokemon: Sword. That doesn’t even include the various new-to-me rereleases such as Romancing Saga 3, Blade Runner, & Planescape: Torment. Read more

11:28 PM

That connection between Europa the moon and the mythical figure of Europa is really neat. Europa is always a popular place for life to exist in sci fi (see, for example: 2010: The Year We Make Contact) so I never considered that it might have some other significance. 

11:33 AM

Seconded. Joelle’s reviews are outstanding. They’re as good as anything that the AV Club put out in its prime.

1:45 PM

In an interview with the AVC, Dan Harmon noted that when you’re making a TV comedy, you’re making pizza. Pizza is good, even when it’s not great. So long as you’re feeding the audience pizza instead of shit, you’re doing alright. The idea is that not every episode has to break new ground. It’s alright to do an episode Read more

9:58 AM

I wish that the episode had done a better job of framing Tony as a frenemy to Rick. As an audience, when we see Rick start to feud with someone, we expect that person to be utterly crushed like a pest. So it felt weird to see Rick’s continual refusal to kill Tony; it wasn’t obvious that Rick was enjoying the game, Read more

9:45 AM

Yeah. I think the fantasy simulation wouldn’t work for Rick in the long term, just as it didn’t work for Tony. That’s one of the reasons that Rick had so much respect for Tony, and wanted to keep him as a frenemy.

7:34 AM

I think 1989 Stan Lee was completely writing in good faith. The point I was making was that Stan Lee’s earlier interviews and essays (say from the late 60s to the early 80s) where he diminished the contributions of Ditko were the result of Lee’s ego distorting his memory. When Lee was in his Hollywood phase, he Read more

9:56 AM

It’s interesting to read the intros to the Marvel Masterworks editions of Amazing Spider-Man (which Stan Lee wrote in 1989 or so) where he does an about-face and happily credits Steve Ditko with doing the lion’s share of the creative work of those stories. Lee says that he was re-reading the original stories for the Read more

7:58 AM

Given that Trump’s direct paternal lineage is from Germany, he’ll probably pay them reparations, saying that it was a tragedy that the US had to fight such a great group of people.

10:58 AM

And if you have no alternative but to take the plunge and join a group full of strangers to play D&D, don’t be afraid to take it slow. Spend an evening or two getting to know them over a game that you’re all familiar and comfortable with (Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, whatever) before you dive headlong into a D&D Read more

8:33 AM

As someone who just moved to Ottawa this year, I can already tell that I’ll be going to more major junior games than NHL games. 

8:47 AM

The only member of Coven who performed the version in the film was lead singer Jinx Dawson, but she insisted that the band be credited as performer. (The full band released their own version in 1973.)

9:23 AM

I mean, the company already gave up the “Ological” suffix to John Teti. 

9:19 AM

I played 7th Saga back in the day. I remember it did the classic DQ trick of reviving you with half your gold, but you could mitigate that by buying gems. Read more