Unexpected Dave

I think the Phoenix Wright games do a great job of explaining why spirit channeling hasn’t had a greater impact on society: it was severely discredited after the DL-6 incident.  Read more

Aug 11

My step-brother worked at Blockbuster, and got first dibs on renting the PS2 on launch day. I remember enjoying Kessen quite a bit... Read more

Jul 28

Well, if they should ever emigrate to Canada, your friends can watch it on Crave.

Jul 17

Yeah. By 1995, it was pretty common to have “matter-of-fact” gay men in supporting roles on television (like Melrose Place) but there were few (if any) Hollywood films with gay men depicted in a respectful way. And as for gay teenage boys? Forget it.

Jul 10

If you were from Canada instead of Missouri, you’d know that Graham Greene is one of our most beloved character actors. 

Jun 13

That never bothered me. The first movie established that ghosts only manifest themselves during paranormal disturbances of world-destroying potential. Once Gozer is defeated, there are no more ghosts to bust, and the team are out of business.

Jun 12

I’ll always appreciate the way the Game Genie turned NES games from death traps into playgrounds. As a kid, I was never very good at action games, and I always felt nervous playing them. RPGs, especially the original Final Fantasy, were a huge boon to my confidence. I didn’t need sharp reflexes to beat them; I only Read more

May 15

Welker has been doing double duty as Fred and Scooby since 2002 or so. I assume they had him voice the latter in Scoob! because younger people would identify him so strongly with the role. Having celebrities take over the roles of the human characters is one thing, but stunt-casting Scooby would be unforgivable. Read more

May 7

My most beloved video store (called “Three’s Company”) closed down around 2000. It was a small store, but it kept a carefully curated selection of hard-to-find cult hits. They also had no qualms about renting R-rated movies to minors. The store’s bottom line had been hurt by the incursion of Blockbuster a few years Read more

Apr 17

I’ve just started, and hope to power through it in the next week or two. Based on what I’ve played so far, and the praise I’ve heard for the rest of the game, my hopes and dreams are now sky high for the second part of the remake. Read more

Mar 30

It’s a joke so good that your brain tricks you into thinking it was in the first movie.

Mar 30

The decision to scrap the TGRI aliens was a shame. It made the origin parts of the sequel really dull. 

Mar 27

The only reason that Nook is so lax with your repayment schedule is that he knows that his unilateral imposition of crippling debt upon you runs afoul of dozens of consumer protection laws and would never hold up in court. I’ll bet he’s not even a registered mortgage lender.

Feb 17

It’s why my single “Our Love is Allowed in 38 States” never cracked the Hot 100. 

Feb 13

I’ve come to adore “Legend of Mana”, but I was a little disappointed when I first played it. I didn’t like that the co-op was so limited, nor did I like that you could lock yourself out of completing every side story quest. I can totally understand why people aren’t able to get past those aspects of the game. 

Jan 31

One thing that’s great about being a soccer fan is that it never really ends. The European Leagues play from August to the following May. During the summer, there might be the World Cup, the Euros, or all kinds of international friendlies. And if all else fails, there’s the MLS.

Jan 10

The 2e Bard was secretly really powerful. Because of their faster experience progression, they’re often better at spellcasting than a Wizard.