Unexpected Dave
10:04 PM

Dude, this was like a sporting event, not the final installment from MCU or Star Wars. Are you gonna be upset in two weeks when all the news sites spoil the super bowl?

2:43 PM

On the plus side, 5e Bards are totally kickass. Mine is 5th level now, 1 of only 2 original party characters and overall probably the most useful. Read more

2:26 PM

It’s a unique (in my experience, anyway) of showing a redemption arc in reverse. Pink’s millennia-long realization that she was a terrible person and attempts to change would have made for a compelling story even if told in chronological order, but Becky Sucrose turned it into this wild revelatory experience through Read more

6:59 PM

I cant express adequately the frustration of a young boy, playing Dragon Warrior, stuck for eternity in the first room because he didn’t know he had to open a menu to use the stairs.

7:26 PM

The entire panel of this Spider-Man fansite/podcast I follow said the same thing, that “instead of getting Superior Foes Spencer, we would probably get Secret Empire Spencer”. But after the first issue they were all pleasantly surprised, and by the end of the first arc they were all saying “In Spencer we trust!” It’s Read more

6:54 PM

My favorite part about it is when the council is making the first laws of the island and “mutant shall not kill mutant” is thrown out as the obvious first law, only for Apocalypse to say “Why?  It’s hard to hold someone accountable for killing a person who shows up again a week later.”

6:01 PM

The forces of Free Market Capitalism have spoken, Donny. And they have said, “We really need these two extra minutes to get a word in for bagged milk.”

3:44 PM

I think that’s why it’s a subtly strong move. They’re all coming back anyway; just make it text and move on. In theory, it forces creators to go new places for drama.

2:49 PM

I’ve only read three comics series in physical issues in 2019, as opposed to digital or trade waiting, so I’ll recommend the three of them: Read more

2:21 PM

I’ve dug the hell out of Dawn of X. The most I’ve enjoyed the X-books since Joss Whedon left the books more than a decade ago. Read more

11:13 AM

A best comics list with multiple mainstream superhero titles? I’m not sure where my browser redirected me when I tried to go to the AV Club, but I think I’ll start commenting here instead.

8:59 AM

I’m liking the “Dawn of X” arc but it’s odd that the characters seemed impressed by the whole resurrection thing. I’m pretty sure all Marvel mutants have a secondary mutation that makes them come back from the dead eventually. About the only inconvenient part of death in X-Men comics is having to figure out how to Read more

10:19 PM

As someone here said last week. If they don’t stick the landing it’s the journey. That landing I think came very close. To humanize a superhero/god in the moments of death Manhattan/Cal was genuinely great and it was surprisingly moving. The mechanics to get there were fine in a kind of techno-forward dance club Read more

9:29 AM

I think most of the failings of GB2106 land solely with Feig. It was a rough sketch of a story that had no script. It was a 2 hour movie with a 60 minute story and 60 minutes of ad-libbing that failed more often than landed. And I agree, the cast was probably the best thing about the movie, but they were given nothing Read more

9:23 AM

Look, I’m an absolute sucker for anything Ghostbusters-related so I’m not even going to pretend I won’t be going to see this in the theatre regardless of whether this trailer works or not. It’s a lot more slow and ponderous than anything I normally associate with Ghostbusters, though.
Read more

4:26 AM

To be fair to the showrunners, TJ Miller essentially burned all his bridges down when he gave a deranged interview after he left the show, basically saying he hates Alec Berg and that the show was in a rut. Miller being a dick in other ways just cements the decision not to feature him. But I was glad the character got Read more

12:59 AM

Decent enough finale. The reveal of the rats, first only by people screaming  then our crew rushing to the stage and the distant shot of rats coming down the stairs, for that brief moment, I had that “am I seeing what I think I am seeing?” Perfect. Read more