Jan 4

I just want them to make another Tintin film already! The Chinese market would LOVE The Blue Lotus, since it’s all about Tintin defending Shangai from British, American and Japanese invaders. It is also the most critically acclaimed Tintin story, so you’d be good to go. You’d probably want to change a few things to Read more

Jan 4

I am so trolling my son with that poster. Thanks for helping me start the new year off right.

Jan 3

I know it’s a scam, but damned if it isn’t the finest scam in history, wish I had gotten in at the ground floor.

Jan 2

I was hoping for a single companion — Yaz was really good in the New Year’s Day special and I was really hoping they would explore her character and her relation to the Doctor a lot more. Announcing John Bishop as a new companion immediately kind of sends the signal “We need a middle-aged white man on the show stat!

Dec 28

Joe had to stop being Joe to appreciate his life because he only wanted his life back so he could return to not living it. The transformative nature of him being put into a cat doesn’t remove his blackness because the center of the movie is still a black man’s voice and a black face onscreen almost 100% of the film. Read more

Dec 28

I think the problem is that Soul is a kids movie for middle aged people. The people serving the hot takes are at least ten years too young to appreciate the message.

Dec 20

Which would fit in my eyes as she’s always reminded me of Natalie Portman, who played the mother, so who better to play the daughter.

Dec 19

Am I the only one who thinks that if they ever need young Princess Leia again, they can just cast this young woman instead of doing the CGI stuff?

Dec 18

Yeah, my initial assumption was a new show, but on reflection it could easily be the next arc of The Mandalorian. I mean, “The Book of the Child” is done now (presumably Grogu will return in the eventual crossover event with Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic, but that’s gotta be years away). It makes a lot of Read more

Dec 18

The whole time he was storming through the ship I thought “it can’t be. But it has to be. But it can’t be.” X-wing, check. Green saber, check. One gloved hand, check. And then there it was. I cried. Read more

Dec 18

I too noticed and went.  All 4 of these characters are women and it isn’t forced.  This is the seemless way to do what they tried to do in the big Avengers battle.

Dec 18

Nothing that we just saw retcons the ST. If anything, this season heavily foreshadowed the ST: mangled Palpatine looking clones in tubes, the X-Wing pilot weary over what the Empire remnants could be up to on the edge of the Galaxy, Gideons emphasis on the word “Order”. What’s more likely is this will bridge the OT Read more

Dec 14

The problem is that D&D is a game and so either a) the movie feels the need to include the game being played in some capacity, which isn’t easy to make work, or b) the movie completely ignores the game concept and makes a generic fantasy movie like the thousand other generic fantasy movies while also alientating the Read more

Dec 14

Probably the same reason video games don’t make good movies.  Both exist as a framework for collaborative storytelling and active participation, not passively having a story told to you.

Dec 11

They said yesterday that The Mandalorian, Rangers of the New Republic, and Ahsoka will come together for a big event thing in the end. My guess is Thrawn is a baddie throughout all three. The Thanos of the Mando Television Universe.

Dec 9

Seriously! Owl House was wonderful and full of promise. And it was SO refreshing to see a potential gay relationship in an animated show that’s just like... there? Right from the beginning? And doesn’t have to wait until the series finale to pay off in some kind of big reveal?? Very good.

Dec 6

I’m old. I grew up seeing the original trilogy in the theaters on the first run. I remember those dark times after Return of the Jedi, when there was little to no new Star Wars stuff. The Marvel comics run petered out. There were the Ewoks and Droids cartoons for a couple of years, the made-for-TV Ewok movies, but Read more

Dec 5

Like so many wealthy people, they think they owe *NOTHING* to the society in which they live, that created and gave them them all the opportunities they pursued, and ultimately keeps their world running. Yup, America’s “I got me and mine, so fuck you are yours,” strikes again.