Kel Varnsen
Jul 28

That’s not extremely great, as it’s actually just under 42 percent, but it is better than it has been in the past.” Read more

Jul 8

You see in Georgia, they spray us with fire hoses like this. But in Mississippi, they spray us like this.

Jun 30

The first of the toys in the back of Bonnie’s closet has left us.

Jun 25

Not getting a Simpsons reference?  That’s a paddling.

Jun 16

The kids don’t know the Simpsons? The wild, shirtless lyrics of Ken Keeler? The bong-rattling bass of Sam Simon? The competent production supervision of Al Jean? Oh, man!

Jun 16

Just as long as they didn’t forget that he was also that little boy who nobody liked.

Jun 14

How about “Three’s A Crowd”? That would perfectly capture the image of every time I’ve seen them perform on TV: The two singers staring straight into each other’s eyes, faces inches apart, looking like they wanna drop the mics & just go wild on each other, while the 3rd dude stands off to the side, playing his guitar Read more

Jun 12

So, a well thought out argument like this is healthy and makes me think, wow, wouldn’t it be cool not to worry about getting pulled over? Read more

Apr 22

UCB says “high rents” yet Sam Barsanti says they “owned” their spaces.

Which is it?

Apr 22

So these are specific permanent facilities owned by the organization and they’re paying rent?

Mar 2

Vianetta Ice Cream. It’s still available in Asia and Europe, but not in the US.  It is the best stuff in the world.

Feb 7

A school in BERKELEY showed a Disney movie?! I’m surprised it wasn’t Worker And Parasite.

Jan 18

Hope this means they FINALLY get a yellow boy to play Bart. 

Jan 17

Personally, I find it offensive that any animated work has voice actors portraying something they aren’t in real life.  I doubt very seriously that Will Arnett is, in fact, a horse man.  Jury’s still out on whether or not John DiMaggio’s a Mexican robot, though.

Jan 17

It’s about time they get an Indian actor to play a character that has been so unfairly stereotyped as a, *checks notes* successful business owner with a PhD, Springfield’s most eligible bachelor, youth hockey coach, volunteer firefighter, member of Homer’s bowling team, barbershop quartet, and vigilante group, and a Read more

May 28 2019

You can still get a solid “EMILIOOOOO!” out of me to this day.