Kel Varnsen

Its a weird article, especially since if you don’t want to be in a big budget franchise or a tiny indie movie that no one will see unless it gets Oscar consideration, there aren’t a lot of movie choices for actors out there. Especially if you are an actress who is past the young starlet phase of your career. Read more

It is even connected to the Netflix shows. In Daredevil, Ben Urich had newspapers on his wall showing that he covered the story of Hulk trashing Harlem. Read more

When I saw Amy Adams and Adam McKay I got excited for a second and thought this might be Talladega Nights 2.  Because even a second Talladega Nights movie without Ricky Bobby would probably be pretty funny. Read more

I feel like Lindeloff gets a way higher level of crap than deserved. Not sure if it is because he deals in mostly sci-fi stuff where fans can be super critical, but even though he has written some crap he has also written some amazing stuff (Watchmen, Leftovers, many of these best Lost episodes including The Constant, Read more

Because everyone knows good writers only ever create awesome stuff.  Imagine if they found someone who wrote multiple Scary Movie sequels. Any Star Wars movie that person made would probably be terrible. Read more

I feel like Terminator Dark Fate might be a good indicator of how hard it would be to do something good with Alien. Because while I enjoyed Dark Fate and liked how they tried to do something different it didn't seem to be very successful or well received. At the same if they had just tried to make another Terminator Read more

Joss Whedon's comments about Alien Resurrection are classic Whedon. Anytime something he is involved with doesn't go well it is always nothing to do with him and always entirely other people's fault. He even calls out the casting, but if you look at the cast after Weaver it is loaded with great character actors like Read more

Of course you know who else would be interested in being part of a Clueless sequel? Read more

I wonder if the AV Club writers have some kind of weekly Outlook reminder that tells them to write one of these stories. Because the story about a supporting actor who was in one successful thing and wants to do it again seem pretty standard and unsurprising. They should see if they could get some sort of AI bot to Read more

Its especially interesting that no one says anything bad about him when you consider all the serious and award winning actors he has worked with and continue to work with him. People like Kathy Bates, Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Henry Winkler, Brian Cox and Nicole Kidman. It’s not like it is just his buddies like Spade Read more

They were both in Deadwood first and then yes they were both in Kings (which was a great show). Cox was the king before McShane’s character and I think they only had scenes together. Read more

Your both wrong. The obvious choice is Cox and Ian McShane. Read more

So if Jeremy Strong was Daniel Day Lewis’s assistant on a movie does that mean DDL’s character in the movie also had an assistant? Because if not how did that work? Read more

I think I remember reading a comment about that scene somewhere how he was basically a living version of a model of the human muscle/skeletal system you would see at a doctor's office.  Read more

Just find someone younger than Brett Goldstein who can believably play the character and do a young Roy Kent show. It would all depend on the age of the actor they get since it would be hard to cast. Basically anything from teen aged Roy up would be hilarious, although a Roy in his 20's probably at the peak of his Read more

Yea it seems like the good ones would be in a best position to transition into not using real guns. Because they already know how guns should look and behave on screen and have connections with directors. I recently watched Light and Magic on Disney+ which was about the history of ILM. When CGI started being used Read more

I looked at that link and it seems to mostly restrict things like language, obscene sex and nudity. It’s not like Breaking Bad was winning Emmys for having those things. It was winning them for strong writing and acting. Even Mad Men almost never used swearing or had scenes of sex/nudity that were worse than what you Read more

I would way rather see that be an award given out on TV than any of the short film categories. Read more

Is there anything actually stopping a studio from making a big budget blockbuster type movie that is a serious Oscar contender? Other than it would be a massive risk. Read more

Because everyone knows it's easy to keep working when you are very sick or seriously injured. Read more