Grizzly Gaymer
11:46 PM

Anyone have a guide for all of these flags?  I know the Asexual Bi and Gay flags and it's very hard to find a list of what they are and I'm curious.

2:41 PM

I saw this article and had to watch it last night, as I was unaware that it was out yet.

It was cheesy, some of the actors were terrible, the deaths were over the top, some of the characters were incredibly stupid..

11:39 AM

I fell for the unnecessary Xbox One S upgrade which almost kept me from doing the more important and amazing upgrade to the Xbox One X.
I’ll pass on this for now. 

7:39 PM

Interesting. The people I’ve been following absolutely hate it.

5:09 PM

Great article.. makes me want to dust off RDR2 and play it again.. but I can't put down Apex Legends.

1:22 PM

Oh I’m not saying that he doesn’t have work to do...

We all have work to do.

But for people to measure the man based solely off of this weak moment, and then say that theyare glad that he died” (not you, but others I’ve seen on these threads) is completely disgusting. In my opinion.

12:49 PM

In Hopper, we have the typical 80s “alpha-man” who is also trying to be a better person. He was moments away from opening up, something very very hard for him to do, but he was about to anyway. And moments from doing so, he’s treated like shit by someone. Yeah.. he acted like anyone else in that situation would have

12:09 PM

Credit: u/caveemaaan on Reddit.
Personally, I completely understood Hopps reaction to Mike, as Mike was a horrible human being to Hopp, and you know that that wasn’t the first time he’s had to deal with Mike’s disrespect under his roof. I’m actually wondering the age range of those that are getting upset with Hopp on

10:09 PM

Im super surprised that you don’t see that the soul intention that he had when he walked into the room to talk to her them both was to say everything in that note, and that the disrespect and rude was that was shown by Mike when he was finally going to open up and have a sensitive moment was just too much rudeness and

5:39 PM

Between S 1 and 2: Hopper refuses to let her leave the house for a year. He also tells no one she’s alive, again, for a year. Why couldn’t he just let them visit her there on the DL/have her not go out where there is too many people as in S3? Because deniability is much easier if someone would have come looking and

12:30 PM

I seriously have to know, if you aren’t trolling... What did Hopp do or say that was so bad that I should have a vasectomy for agreeing with how he handled things? I genuinely want to know your perspective.  
Also, how old are you and what region do you live in?

12:26 PM

Hmmm.. If you really feel that strongly about it then I weep for anyone that has to deal with your kid. Your kid, I’m guessing will be spoiled, socially inept and unable to be able to interact successfully outside your bubble. Probably won’t be able to hold a job, because they won’t realize how to treat authority.

2:49 PM

Yeah, cause there sure weren’t any gay people or lesbians in the 80s, especially not at the mall. *eyeroll  
Also, for others reading this, I’m kind of under the impression that Will could possibly be asexual.

2:27 PM

It’s clear they were going overboard with the overprotective father trope—especially in how he treated Mike, which was seriously fucked up/”
For real? Mike was being a disrespectful insufferable horrible little human, and he got what was coming to him. There was nothing fucked up about it at all, and in my

10:19 PM

I just realized that my GrubHub delivery driver knows where I live and what I eat.  I must move post haste!