Grizzly Gaymer
7:48 PM

Just because it’s been on Game Pass doesn’t mean it can’t be on Games with Gold.  Not everyone got the new Ultimate Game Pass sub, and some have avoided Game Pass all together.

1:08 PM

I think I'll pass as well. I play most of my time docked anyways.  Just please Nintendo, for the sake of all that is good, give us fucking Bluetooth audio!

8:54 AM

As I mention at the end of the post, this photoshop incident isn’t a big deal. But we’ll take any small victory these days when American teens are being placed in concentration camps and lose 20 pounds over a few weeks because they got picked up for being the wrong color.

12:25 PM

At what point exactly was Hopper made aware that Mike lied to El? Hmm? And are we forgetting here that Mike only lied because Hopper MADE him? So how was he supposed to react? He handled the situation poorly. Because he never got experience on how to handle a teenage girl. Because his own daughter died. Which makes it

11:37 AM

The thing that bugs me the most about this critique is that it ignores the fact that *all* of the action of this season occurs in the span of about a week, with second half of the season occurring in the span of a day. OF COURSE Hopper's going to be flipping out for a lot of it; the wounds are still *very* fresh.

11:19 AM

It’s also worth noting that the whole season 3 takes place over like 5 days. So Hopper is not a monster - he’s just having a bad week and has clearly reached his breaking point. As the father of a teenage daughter myself, I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve been angry enough to shoot up an army of random Russian

11:15 AM

I think a lot of people who disliked Hopper this season are forgetting that the entire season takes place over a period of like 3 days. They expect him to move on from being stood up by someone he cares about instantly. They expect him to move on from Mike disrespecting him instantly. They expect him basically turn

10:57 AM

I have absolutely zero issue with the Hopper and El/Mike element this season. Lots of people likely saw themselves in Hopper. Being the parent to a teen is hard. Being thrust into being the parent to a teen has to be terrible. Mike was absolutely being a jerk.

10:52 AM

The guy went through a hard divorce after losing his daughter. Being stood up like that would be a huge emotional blow for him. Especially after how excited he was about it. Look at that new shirt! That’s not a shirt you get for just any ole dinner. That’s an 80's “Hey, babe. How you doin’?” shirt.

10:37 AM

People seems to just gloss over that they were laughing in his face while he was putting himself out there emotionally with that letter that seemed to make everyone cry later.

10:35 AM

I am now. I feel way better. I’m ready to face my day with a smile on my face and a rainbow in my heart.

10:29 AM

Yeah I respectfully disagree with this completely. I found Hopper’s behavior to be a new father who would have struggled with a teenage daughter (as many do IRL) in even the best of circumstances, and their circumstances are hardly ideal.

10:23 AM

This sizzling hot take brought to you by someone who’s never had a smug little teenage shit disrespect him in his own home. I’ve banned one of my son’s friends from my house for a year for lying to my face about washing his hands after he used the bathroom (I can hear the bathroom sink from the kitchen you little

8:48 PM

Lets also not forget that Mike was absolutly disrespectful to Hopper. Hopper saw them kissing and when he came in Mike smugly tried to pretend like nothing happened. Also notice that when El says Hopper looked like a tomato Mike has to add in the word fat. Then later on when Hopper tries to have a conversation with

8:46 PM

Hopper literally tried to sit down and talk with El and Mike, was fully intent on it... and then Mike decided to be a little jackhole, and pushed Hopper from akward well meaning dad to ‘cleaning the shotgun on the porch on datenight’ dat.

8:24 PM

I had a girlfriend once who I was not allowed in her house when her father was home and when he got home I had to leave out the backdoor. Now imagine if I laughed and whispered jokes to his daughter in front of him, he would have punched my teeth out. 

5:25 PM

I’m a little shocked my troll sensors didn’t go off sooner. Dude is totally trolling.

12:24 PM

We are literally talking about a show that is a walking talking trope of all things 80's awesome, and we are going to get pissy about him acting like EVERY FUCKING ACTION STAR EVER IN THE 80's??????

11:34 AM

He was AWESOME AND REAL a real word guy ,trying to be the guy in charge ,even while he knows ,he isn’t really Magnum PI .