Nov 23 2015

Yeah, it was sort of funny going to college and hearing all the women from warm climates squeal in horror when they stepped out in 6 inches of snow wearing Uggs. Why would you think your teddy bear fabric boot would be waterproof, people??

Nov 23 2015

Are you sure you can say satin is a trend though? If it is a trend/was a trend I would have to peg that to the mid-late 90s starting sometime around the time of TLC’s ‘Creep’ video. But yes, in anything other than pajamas it’s a terribly unforgiving fabric. Actually, even sucks for pajams because you’re laying down in

Nov 19 2015

I just went to SF for the first time a few months ago! I loved it! I recommend taking a ferry to saulsalito - it’s a pretty ride with good city views and saulsalito is a cute little town to walk around for an hour. You’ll also take it from fisherman’s wharf, which is pretty fun! I recommend hanging out around the Read more

Nov 19 2015

The stone for my engagement ring just came in the mail! Like ten minutes ago. I’m at work but I still tore it open to look at it. It’s a 5mm moissanite. OMG so sparkly. So pretty! I’m dying over here.

Nov 10 2015

That’s exactly how I feel! I even had the HR people at my own alma mater basically tell me to get lost.

Nov 4 2015

Ughhhhhhhh I love that show, but it has serious plotholes. But it’s so damn catchy.