Gretchen Says this is not my president
10:12 PM

There are a lot of straight white women that are pro gun and voting for pro gun candidates. Just because they’re not shooting doesn’t mean they’re not a big part of the problem.

9:24 PM

I can’t argue with anything except I think we need to clarify cisgender straight white men. As far as I’ve noticed, the other white men aren’t murdering folks like this. 

3:34 AM

There’s yet another factor. Throughout much of my life (I’m 61) the bulk of my possessions consisted of books and records. I no longer have any records—or cassettes, nor, if I had my way, would I have any physical CD-ROMs. Everything fits on my laptop, and sounds better than it did on LPs. I could (at least Read more

3:12 PM

It’s also some straight-up misogyny. Oh, you’re gonna use a female name to denigrate a dude who doesn’t dude the “right” way? And you’re different from the hypermasculine bullies how, again?

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1:06 PM

This. It’s like if a black man wrote an essay about Obama and heavily implied he wasn’t a real black man because he never joined a gang or smoked crack. It’s literally criticizing the man for not embodying stereotypes.

1:03 PM

Well this gay man found parts of the article to be quite homophobic. Calling a gay man “Mary” in an attempt to degrade and belittle him is pretty textbook homophobia. Read more

12:43 PM

Is it possible that it’s maybe not outright homophobia, but still pretty shitty to criticize someone for not being gay the way you want them to be (politician or not)? Read more

9:14 PM

It’s funny, my mom loved The Ramones. And my dad, who as a youth loved jazz all the way up to its more experimental forms, back when he was functional (before prescription-drug addiction/abuse turned him into a zombie), loved it when I’d play Talking Heads from their wildest Eno-Byrne experimental phase.

4:15 PM

I would not do so. Outside of the ethical implications of attaching something like this to kids so young and potentially opening them up to social media abuse and that kind of attention, there may be legal implications in taking photos of other people’s kids and posting them without knowledge. One wrong doesn’t fix Read more

9:18 PM

Very true! Field Roast sausages can apparently be refrigerated for over 2 months; try that with a beef or pork product! And almond milk lasts much longer than dairy milk too. Read more

3:28 PM

If you think vegetables taste bad, acquaint thyself with spices. Cumin, curry powder, chili powder, garam masala, and many more will enhance the flavor of vegetables so much. And make vegetarian friends who know how to cook because they can probably give you a tutorial on using spices in the first place!