Gretchen Says this is not my president
10:00 PM

Wow, and I thought we were busy when I worked mountain rescue in the Rockies! It is truly amazing how many idiots are out there. The last year I worked Pecos Rescue we averaged one legitimate bad luck accident out of every 7 calls. Two years after I left the state began charging the cost of the rescue when it was a Read more

3:20 PM

This is Yeongi, our newest. Someone threw this sweet 5 week old kit out of a moving car into our front yard last week. She is still in the “safe room” and will be introduced to the furry family in another week or so. Her favorite hobbies are licking noses, chewing toes and her chirpy bird stuffed toy. 

7:52 PM

I went grey late. At 58 I’m still not near to fully grey - I went from dark blonde to mousy brown and now I have some silvers showing up here and there. I *could* get away without color. I got really lazy and haven’t done it for 6 months and it isn’t disaster. But then again, I just don’t think I’m ready. Thinking now Read more

7:41 PM

Oh gosh. When I was a baby in my 20s I could do a full day of classes, afternoon rehearsals, evening concert then close the bar. And then do the same the next day and be fresh as a daisy. Now if I sleep less than 7 hours or binge on the gin I feel like death and look like a hag for days. That extra 30 years really Read more

8:49 PM

Yes! We’ve reduced our beef and will only buy from small, local farmers. Same with any chicken or turkey. And surprisingly, we don’t pay more than we would at Kroger.

8:45 PM

I make a kickass cauliflower spicy curry with carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and chick peas in a coconut milk sauce. Forget Mac and cheese, this is the comfort food bomb for winter months!

8:40 PM

I flew Air Canada on my last trip to Korea and had requested vegetarian meals. Every stinking one was inedible meat substitutes! I had registered a complaint and got a generic answer. Now I’m looking to book flights for July/August and will not go back to Air Canada. If they are my 9nly option, I’ll carry snacks that Read more

8:34 PM

I’ve been mostly vegetarian for, well, most of my life now. I’ve learned to cook some meat dishes because when I bonded with The Mister 30 years ago he just couldn’t do the complete vegetarian thing, so we compromised. Most of our meat and produce comes from local farmers in our rural, agricultural county so I feel Read more

10:05 PM

Snacks? Korea! Especially in the summer when you have tons of incredible ripe fruit in the traditional markets. And vendors with boiled corn and lots of other nibbles. Then you have night market vendors out in full force with all the best stuff. My favorites are boiled corn, spicy rice cake and frozen fruit bits. 

8:44 PM

I’m a somewhat-old who was a precocious child and followed Watergate/Nixon issues. What I am seeing now makes that look like jaywalking and it is very frightening to see no one digging in to challenge this. Cheetolini has outstripped Nixon in every respect and he’s just allowed to continue. 

8:54 PM

I teach in a K-5 building. We have no shame. When any of us get a beautiful, luxurious 5 minute window to poop we run to the nearest and let fly. And when someone else discovers that lingering scent you left, their reaction is “Was that you girl? Oof, I feel you today!” Read more