Gray Irwin
Mar 18 2016

Let me know if you need anything once you get to KC! I have a driveway, some tools, and even cardboard to soak up the peed-out fluids!

Mar 1 2016

When I saw the pictures of the 124 rally I made a sound so dirty the porn filters kicked in and blocked all images.

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Feb 18 2016

Awesome to see some KC love on the front page! Cars and Coffee here has been a phenomenon. We must’ve had 400 cars last month, and just a year ago we were lucky to see 20. FCTC has done an incredible job.

Feb 18 2016

I hear you. I'm looking at driving multiple hours to a track this year for some seat time.

Feb 17 2016

LS7 with individual throttle bodies. I kept the audio gain low so the sound doesn’t clip and used instrumentation mics so the frequency response is flat. (i.e. turn up your volume)

Feb 17 2016

This guy in his old school hot rod who got tired of hearing Honda’s rev their engines. Jump to 20 seconds for the fun

Feb 8 2016

I can’t even put into words how wrong I think you are.

Feb 8 2016

I did something like that by mating the 350 from my Blazer to a Camaro transmission and shoving it into an Olds Cutlass. 4 door, grandma-blue, headers, dual 2" exhaust and big 4 barrel carb... car came stock with a posi rear for some reason too. Read more

Feb 8 2016

“But why anyone would want to maneuver, say, an F150 crew cab along narrow streets and through parking lots on a daily basis, if they don’t have to, is beyond me.” Read more

Jan 26 2016

Okay, so it’s a foreign chassis brought over here, and we’re going to need some local power then, eh?

Jan 19 2016

Ahhh yes. Smokin’ the tires at 50mph. I remember purchasing my 87 Buick Grand National that had a 61mm upgraded turbo on it. The look on peoples’ faces when you pass them at 60mph with the tires on fire is poetic.

I had a yellow S2000 try and stay with me up I-55 through St.Louis. After repeated attempts they could Read more