Jan 5

A dozen college friends & I went on an annual ski trip in West Virginia every year (they still do, I think? I don’t live in Ohio anymore though) & one year it was my turn to be one of the drivers. My ‘98 Jetta had not-great front tires and bad plug wires and we (along with the entire East Coast) were hit with a Read more

Jan 5

I have driven a car with no headlights, wipers, or ABS from Duluth to Minneapolis in a winter storm. Read more

Dec 21

Don’t threaten me with a good time! I have sworn off carbs but I admit the goofy looks are rubbing off on me. It’s like what a Honda Helix wants to be when it grows up. Read more

Nov 19

So if the Miami Herald is reporting on this, there is a chance this guy made it all the way down to Miami from Orlando, where I4 is located. It’s about 3.5 hours and 250 miles to the north side of Miami from Central Florida.

Nov 5

You and your partner have an amazing relationship. This is fantastic. 

Oct 4 2019

I bought one new in 2004, vivid blue pearl. Absolutely loved that car, still miss it to this day. Kept it for several years and then traded for an S2000. I never got why they got so much hate. People would try to rag on mine so much... then I'd let them drive it and they understood. As for power, on paper they dont Read more

Oct 17 2017

The catch is the EP3 is a great car, just that it requires bits and bobbles from the Honda Parts bin to reach its final form. RSX-S forged aluminum control arm setup and struts(handy if your going from 4 to 5 lug anyway), heavier front spring and no swaybar, RSX A type body brace, 1st gen S2000 dash cluster and a Read more

Jan 8 2014

I turned on a worklight with a 60W bulb and stuck it under the hood. Seemed to work okay. For anyone saying block heater, most of the country doesn't experience weather like this often enough to justify block heaters.