Love you Torch. I’m pretty sure in 1982 they wouldn’t have believed that we'd have a failed developer/reality tv star as president, private equity firms that own damn near everything and still no flyng cars. Honestly, I’d take the Blade Runner dystopia.
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I had a master plan for today, but it did not go quite as planned. That’s OK. That’s what blogging is about. You

rude of the email of the week to make me cry tbh. Read more

Hell is a waiting room with no door and Steve Miller Band on the intercom, forever. Read more

As someone who was once part of a similar insurrection against arrogant, incompetent, and condescending management, I want to applaud all of y’all for today’s showing. I’m sure you’re simultaneously enjoying the fun of mutiny while also understanding the risk. Please also know how much it means to us here in the feebl Read more

These are extremely good dogs, Tom. Thank you. Read more

Please do not disparage my good blog. All regular blogs are Just Look Nice; blogs in the feature format are Very Fancy. Read more

the proper dress code for running a blog is Just Look Nice, thank you for asking.  Read more

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Jeez, I don’t look at Deadspin for 10 hours or so and I miss the most exciting thing that’s happened around here since Manti Teo. Thanks for posting that screengrab! Read more

Tried to post this via cellphone but, you know... Kinja. The since-deleted autoplay article.

That letter was as heartfelt and genuine as an apology your mom forced you to make to your sister when you were nine.  Read more

Then the Dodgers looked like they had that series totally in hand, until they didn’t Kershaw.
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But seriously, Jose Andres is a goddamn saint. He was in Puerto Rico serving over 10,000 a meals a day after Hurricane Maria struck. Read more